Hopes for community to come together for Christmas Carols

All are invited to this special, socially distanced event in Ventnor Park later this month. Bring along your flasks of coffee or mulled wine, some lights and join in the Christmas cheer by singing your heart out with others

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After all the disappointment of not being able to sing carols in church this Christmas, and that ‘Carols in the park’ were not taking place due to Covid-19, it was a delight to see the government making the recent announcement to allow carol singing in outside spaces.

Immediately the announcement came, Adrian Pinnock from St Catherine’s Church contacted Tony McCarthy, Community Development Officer for Ventnor Town Council, to see if we could join forces and have a community carol singing in the park after all. Tony enthusiastically agreed to support and help with his team and the support of Ventnor Town Council.

Decorated bandstand and choirs
Ventnor Enhancement are supporting by dressing the band stand once again.

Adrian contacted Michele Brock of the Undercliff Singers choir who are delighted to support the carols, after not being able to perform at all this year. We are also hoping that Tallulah and her Ventnor community choir will come along.

“It will really be a great sound,” Adrian said.

Adrian went on to say,

“We are so excited about the linkup between the church and the town community and look forward to many more occasions when we can work together. We are aware and respect social distancing and asking everyone who comes along to be mindful of this.”

Hoping for a great turnout
Tony said,

“We want everyone to have a family fun evening, people bringing along their flask of mulled wine, coffee, and making Ventnor bright with torches, lights and Christmas jumpers. We have even contacted Lapland to see if Father Christmas can come along, we are waiting to hear!

“There is not as much time to organise the event as in previous years, but we know that with the enthusiasm of our wonderful town, all those involved, and the amazing townsfolk we will see a great turnout and make it a memorable evening of carols.”

Where and when
The carols take place on Sunday 20th December from 4pm in Ventnor Park.

News shared by Adrian in his own words. Ed

Image: Mark Rabe under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 9th December, 2020 6:41am


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The main focus of this event is the lantern parade, very popular with young children, the lanterns made in dedicated workshops – very inventive and original. I assume there won’t be any workshops this year, and there is no mention here of a parade from the town centre to the park – a shame, as it IS possible to socially distance outdoors. But I hope people will… Read more »