Hospice shop with ambitions to become social ‘hub’

As well as offering a range of second hand goods for sale, the new Hospice shop in Ventnor will also include space for people to find out more about Earl Mountbatten services across the Island.


Tina shares this latest news on behalf of Earl Mountbatten Hospice. Ed

Earl Mountbatten has relocated its shop in Ventnor with the aim of creating a more open and flexible model for the future. As well as offering a range of second hand goods for sale in order to raise money for the Island charity in the usual way, the shop will also include space for people to come along and seek information about Earl Mountbatten services across the Island.

A social ‘hub’
Information leaflets will be available as well as free Internet access, situated in a bespoke relaxing area where tea and coffee and a chat with a volunteer will be available for those who want it.

People are also encouraged to use the shop as a social ‘hub’ to meet friends and others in a relaxed and friendly environment. In time. Earl Mountbatten hopes to offer a range of services and group opportunities for the local community within the shop premises.

Official opening
The new shop, which is situated on Pier Street in the Town Centre, will have an official opening ceremony at 10am on Monday 8th January 2018 and it will then be open six days a week, Monday to Saturday, 9.30am – 4.30pm.

At the opening, there will be an opportunity to hear from the Chief Executive, Nigel Hartley, as well as a photo opportunity together with shop staff, volunteers and members of the general public.

Develop this shop as an exemplar
Chief Executive Nigel Hartley said:

“As current leases expire on our existing shop, we have the opportunity to look for better deals and more beneficial locations across our Island.

“We also have the opportunity to rethink the old charity shop model, so that we are also able to offer our retail locations as a space to also deliver some of our services more locally.

“We know that we are going to need to reach more people during the coming years, exploring the use of our shops to include information and support ‘hubs’ is an important way for us to learn what kind of hospice services and support people can benefit from within their local communities.

“We hope that the Ventnor community will work with us to develop this shop as an exemplar of what our local Earl Mountbatten shops can look like in the future.”

Earl Mountbatten has ten shops across the Isle of Wight which raise over £1m towards its work year on year

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Thursday, 4th January, 2018 12:47pm


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Email updates?
I have always had a problem with the Hospice. It does a great job but the wage bill for the management takes away badly needed funds from the very people it is supposed to support. If the management was effective then it might be a different matter. But they don’t seem to be able to make an informed decision or keep staff informed on what is going… Read more »
nigel hartley
Thank you for your comments. If you would like to talk through some of the issues you raise, I would be more than happy to meet in person. As an organisation rated as outstanding and performing well financially – thanks to the tireless support of our community and good governance – I am unsure how you feel this equates to ineffective management? I would very much welcome… Read more »
“tuscan” please leave underhand comments such as “There seems to be a lot of jobs for the friends or connections to the management going on at the moment.” for some where more suitable. This article is about the good work that the Hospice shops do do. My experience of the shops, manned by happy volunteers, is nothing other than positive. My experience of the Hospice, manned by… Read more »