How Are You Getting On With The Digital TV Switch Over?

BBC2 disappeared from analogue overnight on the Island. How are you getting on with re-tuning, etc?

Today sees the first stage of Digital switchover on the Isle of Wight with BBC2 dropping off the analogue signal overnight to make space for some of the digital channels.

It’s nearly five years since Whitehaven, the first town in England to do digital switchover, went through the same process.

Their ‘morning after’ was a success – How is everyone on the Island getting on with it this morning?

VB Facebook reaction
below is a round-up of what being said on VB’s Facebook page about it so far. As more comments appear on FB, we’ll add them.

Digital Switchover: 7th March 2012

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I’m getting bbc channels but meridian,itv channels and channel 4 and 5 don’t exist at the moment!Clare Lordy
“Ž…Don’t even go there ! Just retuned my TV…no longer have any ITV stations, no CH4, CH5…….what a load of c@%p !Bob Samuel
the rest of the channels will be on digital by the 21st, you can still get them on analogueDuncan Lockhart
“Ž…don’t hold your breath…!Bob Samuel
why such negativity????Duncan Lockhart
My friends Mother is in a ‘Blank spot’ for receiving any digital signal, so not very pleased. She can’t afford to get cable or Sky, & the TV is her only company. I have contacted the ‘Switchover’ people, but there are no plans to erect any more Digital masts or relay stations, so not very happy.Christopher Tunnell
Hadn’t even noticedDamien Paul
island company offering free advice on their website, found it earlier, sorted my folks out :-)Brett White
Out in limerstone it says I can have a dozen digital channels, but all of them are scrambled. I can see the brighstone transmitter from my house! Not sure they’ve switched it digital yet. Maybe that is from rowridge?Vix Lowthion
We’re in Newport and found we had lost BBC1 only but have now retuned – not too difficult.Sheila Ferguson
Some relays e.g. Brighstone, Luccombe & Ventnor will switch later today.Kelvin Currie
No problems at all,retuned this morning ,have all channels working well!Alli Batten
Fine – haven’t had a properly working TV for ages and don’t miss it – watch what I need after the showing online – still too scared to cancel my licence though – know the buggers would have me on a technicality…Donna Hayward
Donna, though you can watch TV online after it has aired without a licence, the licence does pay for all the BBC services. So even though you don’t need one, you are still supporting the development of the BBC website, the programmes themselves that appear on iPlayer along with radio services etc. I think the licence will defiantly change soon.Tyler Frankling
“Ž" She can’t afford to get cable or Sky" – ‘Free-to-air’ satellite TV is worth considering. A basic set including dish is usually available from Maplin or B&Q for around £50. Freesat is the same thing but with a built-in programme guide, so it costs slightly more.James Pickett
I seem to have all channels but in a completely different order now, and all recordings I had set for BBC channels have vanished as the BBC ones are in a completely different place. Easily remedied, but worth checking for anyone else who records their favourites :)Jayne Pidgeon
fine !!! did mine in 2 mins this morning !!!!Susan Gough
I lost all my channels last night. Re-tuned and they are all back :)Joy Simpson Costas
Returned all fine.StuandJulie Gough
Seize the opportunity people. Ditch those TV’s for good! :)Paul Sears
i got no worrys i have skyJason Woodmore
Got all bbc channels, nothing else. Freesat=the way forward Barry Read
Got caravan park in sandown and not got itv c4 c5 and in some vans nothing at all told need 90′ aerial not much help as commercial can’t afford skyDavid Sunnucks
Lost all BBC channels this morning, but no others. Husband has just re-tuned it, and all O.K now. As a technophobe, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have a clue how to do it myself!Shirley Boggett
Nothing Yet in Ventnor ……Millie Soverano
down to three channels in ventnor/ bonchurch, retuning produces no digital channels on my digibox or digi tv. Not feeling very hopeful it’s going to be a seamless transition here…iplayer will be my friend…Julia Grimsey
luckily i have sky but have re tuned tv in the bedroom twi but still no bbc channels nor itv1 or channel 4Donna Grainger

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13 Comments on "How Are You Getting On With The Digital TV Switch Over?"

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Just a tip, my parents had problems and called this morning a company called Liberty’s Electrical in Ryde –, they have loads of info on their website with advice!, they are doing a special service for anyone having problems!! Coming out later today to solve, I know its a plug but I can imagine a lot of people may be in the same boat! No BBC… Read more »
James P

I assume they won’t be able to turn up the power on the digital channels to avoid interference with the remaining analogue channels?

I suspect it won’t make much difference to those of us in Arreton with flaky reception – when I asked Digitaluk, they said we should point our aerial towards Luccombe!

Dan Cox

As I understand it, once all analogue channels are turned off on the 21st the digital transmitters will go to full power. Hopefully this should solve a lot of the problems

L Pinkerton

Reception is very good in central Ventnor.

James P

You have your own relay, I think! The island is a terrible place for terrestrial TV really – much too bumpy.


BBC channels keep disappearing in East Cowes, ITV services ok. Still have BBC1 in analogue :)


retuned both our tv’s this morning- absolutely no problem at all.Whats the fuss?


Wow you are soooooooooo lucky.

Don Smith

Caukheaditis perhaps!

I woke up at 3am and thought I’d put tv on for some background noise!! It was quite amusing (for me anyway) sitting there in the pitch black trying to retune it all…. it took about 20 mins and I thought I had done really well until I realised I had lost the channel that’s connected to our sky box downstairs! Hubbie told me that I will… Read more »

Sandown re-tune was straightforward…signal strength on the BBC channels have doubles, previously was geting between 30 – 40% now 82% and signal is not up to full strength yet. Other channels are still at 30-40%

Don Smith

They had no problems with the change over
at the palaces – All 640 TV sets worked OK!

I do know that the majority of the TV sets are used by staff, I do not jest.

I do apologise if I got the numbers incorrect.

My elderly Mother was given information about the digital switchover by a delightful young man who was apparently trained as a volunteer by the RCC! He was then called back to chat to her ladies group and they all took advantage of his advice and have not had any problems, some have had people to come and fit ariels. Well done and many thanks to him (Think… Read more »