I Love Island Milk: Campaigners out and about on Saturday

Organisers of ‘I love Isle of Wight Milk’ will be out and about this weekend

‘I Love Island Milk’ campaign was launched by Island dairy farmers working with Island MP Andrew Turner to work to get Island dairy farmers a fair price for their milk – they are currently paid less than the cost of production.

The petition supporting the campaign was launched at the Garlic Festival, and more signatures will be gathered over the next few weeks.

The campaigners will meet at midday on Saturday next to the Farmers’ Market in Ryde, outside the Co-operative supermarket. On Saturday 15th they will meet at midday in Falcon Cross in Shanklin and the following week they will be meeting at the same time on Church Litten in Newport. They would welcome anybody interested in helping the campaign.

Response from the public has been fantastic
Justin Birch, chairman of the Island Dairy Farmers Group, said, “The response from the public has been fantastic so far and we are looking forward to getting out and meeting even more people on Saturday. We have already distributed over 1,000 cards to be handed into supermarkets, but it is easy to forget them and find they are at home when you want to hand them into the supermarket.

“We want to make sure people have them with them when they are doing their shopping on a Saturday afternoon and give them an opportunity to sign the petition. Anybody who would like to help can just turn up or you can contact the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner on 530808 or mail@islandmp.com to find out what else you can do to support us.”

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Thursday, 6th September, 2012 1:44pm


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Good, we’ll be able to ask them why IW milk costs more than mainland milk.

long in the tooth

In my local Co-op Cath is costs exactly the same as milk brought in from the Mainland. Have you checked prices?

random bloke
personally I’m not that fussed so long as it comes from a cow. The farmers have allowed themselves to be diddled by the supermarkets. The farmers control the supply and they should be setting prices, yet they have allowed supermarkets to take control of the market. Thats just poor business. Its time to redress the balance, and this campaign should receive all the backing it can, but… Read more »
oldgirl – in Tesco, Ryde, IW milk was always more expensive (well, there is one ‘posh brand’ which I can’t remember the name of which is more expensive than the IW milk). I haven’t checked this week, must admit, but I’ll have a look next time I go. Even if it’s the same price though, I would have expected IW milk in local IW shops to be… Read more »
random bloke

surely the message there is dont shop at Tesco?

Sally Perry

Two pints of Tesco semi-skimmed milk = 89p
Two pints of Rew Dairy semi-skimmed milk at Tesco last week = 79p

I’m not sure why people keep saying it is too expensive :s


So that makes £1.78 for 4 pints of Tesco milk and £1.58 for 4 pints of Rew Dairy milk. As in my previous post, Lidls are doing 4 pints of semi-skimmed for 98p

Hmm, rather odd. I just checked today at Tesco…..4 pints mainland milk £1 and 4 pints IW milk £1.34. That’s probably why people keep saying IW milk is more expensive!! And Jon, I could shop elsewhere but it would mean visiting probably four or five different shops with kids in tow. Have you tried that? I have and it’s why many of us choose one large supermarket… Read more »
random bloke
How about Morrisons? they are cheaper for most items, and have just as much variety as Tesco. Or maybe Sainsburys. In any case, its quite odd that you quote £1 as the price when the Tesco website quotes £1.18 If your talking about 16p to support island farmers, I think thats a bargain. And according to Sally, its cheaper. But of course, if you want the convenience… Read more »
Well, I’m not going to argue about how much I paid for my milk at Tesco…..just that’s what it said on the shelf and what’s on my receipt!!! Bit difficult to argue about really. I’d gladly buy IW milk if it were the same price where I shop but it isn’t. It’s 34% more expensive (no matter what Sally says!!). 34% extra is quite a lot of… Read more »
random bloke
Well it wasnt intended to be patronising at all, just to offer some possible solutions to the issues you raise. I dont have any issue with Tescos apart from the fact that other supermarkets are often generally cheaper and I would rather not pay over the odds. Im puzzled as to how you claim to have paid £1 when the price on the website is £1.18. Perhaps… Read more »