Improvement Works Begin At Seaclose Park

Areas of Seaclose Park in Newport will undergo landscape improvement works from March.

This in from the council, in their own words. Ed

Seaclose ParkAreas of Seaclose Park in Newport will undergo landscape improvement works from March.

Parts of the footpaths that surround the park will be renovated, and conifer trees surrounding the playing courts will be pruned to improve shelter and light for users.

Tree root damage to be repaired
Sections of the park that have been damaged by tree roots will be repaired and drainage will be improved on the footpath close to the arboretum.

Four new parkland trees will be planted to replace a handful of self seeded trees that need to be removed as part of improvement works in the arboretum.

No memorial trees are affected.

Festival organiser funding some work
These works also including widening access to the park from the arboretum to help accommodate large numbers of visitors during the summer’s Isle of Wight Festival. This part of the improvements is being funded by the festival organiser.

This will involve re-profiling part of a ditch next to the current access and using materials designed to blend into the existing landscape.

Both Seaclose Park and the arboretum will be open to the public throughout the works, although some areas will be restricted while the landscaping scheme continues.

Friday, 17th February, 2012 3:36pm



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  1. keithybaby

    17.Feb.2012 6:22pm

    Could they trim the trees along the riverside to improve the view from Freeloader’s Bay please?

  2. What about the football pitches @ Seaclose?? Are they now up to scratch and _all_ playable?? Or are they still suffering from the rigours and footfall of the festival crowds…….

  3. Farmer Palmer

    19.Feb.2012 1:29am

    “Get off my grass !”

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