Incredible Edible Isle of Wight launches today outside County Hall

Use of the raised flower beds outside County Hall to plant vegetables and herbs is the first step for the Incredible Edible Isle of Wight project providing food for the community.

the flowerbeds outside county hall

Later today a group Islanders who seek to improve sustainability, bio-diversity and quality of life on the Island will be launching the Island’s very own Incredible Edible project.

Transition Island say they have been given permission to use the raised beds in front of County Hall for an Incredible Edible Launch. The idea is to use the beds to plant food for the community.

A spokesperson from Transition Island said,

“Until now, the beds have been cared for by Age UK and Newport Men in Sheds, so a big thank you to them.

“They and the council are happy for Transition Island to take over some of the beds for food planting. We are grateful to Councillor Murwill who has ensured backing from the Isle of Wight Council for this project.”

Where and when
The launch takes place outside County Hall today (Wednesday 20th) at 5pm and Cllr Michael Murwill will be attending on behalf of the Isle of Wight Cabinet.

The main aim will be to inspire others on the Island to go ‘Incredible Edible’.

If successful the Isle of Wight could become an Incredible Edible Island in line with other places like Incredible Edible Todmorden.

What is Transition Island?
Transition Island aims to improve the Isle of Wight’s sustainability, bio-diversity and quality of life, taking a multifaceted approach including lobbying, advisories and undertaking suitable projects.

The group’s goal is to benefit local communities through actions in agriculture, transport, energy and other appropriate social endeavours rooted within the context of sustainability.

Wednesday, 20th March, 2019 3:30pm



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It’s a great idea to plant something in these planters, but unwise to grow vegetables for eating at this location, which must be one of the most polluted on the Island from vehicle emissions. Of course it couldn’t be a better place to make a political statement, but how about growing shrubs here instead to absorb some of the CO2? And why not try to find a… Read more »
Steve Goodman
“The main aim will be to inspire others on the Island to go ‘Incredible Edible’”….”Of course it couldn’t be a better place to make a political statement…” We think IE is a good idea, shown to be so beneficial elsewhere; the council now seems to agree, and so do the islanders who provided the plants, labour, and support for this new launch. Reducing vehicle pollution everywhere is… Read more »
Steve Goodman
This morning’s London BBC TV politics show featured food growing, distribution, consumption, and waste in our very polluted and crowded capital, where incredible edible is one part of the picture, where 2,700 new food growing spaces have appeared in the 10 years since I last worked there, and where about 200,000 people are now involved in growing food. Coming soon to Coppins Bridge? Using London roundabout spaces… Read more »