Innovative Physics wins clean-up contract at Fukushima Nuclear Power Station

Great to hear that this Island company has won a contract to help in the clean-up of the 2011 nuclear disaster.

Innovative physics and Andrew Turner MP

This in from Andrew Turner’s office. In their own words, Ed

Earlier this month the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner, visited Innovative Physics Limited, based at Landguard Manor, Shanklin.

Started by Managing Director, Mike Anderson and Chief Technical Officer, David Prendergast, Innovative Physics, who design and market technical solutions for radiological detection and measurement, have just won a substantial contract for the clean-up of Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, the site of the 2011 nuclear disaster.

Andrew Turner commented:

“It is heart-warming in these difficult times to discover a small Island business which is doing very well, competing globally with the ‘big boys’ nationally and internationally. Some of the reasons behind their success are the proven quality of their equipment and their ability to come up with innovative solutions much quicker than the larger companies.

“Another reason for their consistent growth over the last five years is the fact that Natalie Harper, the Business Development Director, spends much of her time networking both here and abroad. In fact she has recently returned from a very successful Trade Mission led by Prime Minister, David Cameron”.

Innovative Physics
Innovative Physics was started in 2008 and now employs 14 local people, using many small Island design and manufacturing companies in the development of new products.

They operate very successfully in the defence, nuclear and homeland defence markets, where they have built up an excellent reputation for innovative design and quality.

One example of this is their Hot Spot Locator – used when de-commissioning nuclear sites to detect radiation concentrations.

For more information about the company go to:

Wednesday, 27th March, 2013 11:28am



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Great news! Perhaps they could also clear up the toxic waste lying about County Hall!

Sally Perry

This is a positive business news story. Please let’s keep politics out of it. There are plenty of other articles where views on those running County Hall can be expressed. Thanks.


Well said Sally! There are people on here that cannot celebrate anything without a snide dig at the Council

After seeing Sally’s sharp response, I realise my hasty observation was not the best considered I have ever made. I emailed Sally immediately (about 12.30 yesterday afternoon) and asked her to pull it. I apologise if I have caused offence and of course like many others, felt deeply for the Japanese people’s predicament, and contributed at the time to the disaster fund. I am also very pleased… Read more »

Well said Darcy! We all like a man big enough to write a comment like that, well done! I do recognise why you wrote it though and agree with the sentiment.

Mr Einsteins Ghost

Well done to the Company – Great News! and fair play to Mr Darcy too!

I myself don’t think sackcloth & ashes are required, Darcy. I thought it was an amusing comment, but from their vantage point, I now see why Simon & Sally wouldn’t want ‘all roads to lead to Rome’! And I imagine that they would rather we think & take responsibilty, before we post a comment, rather than post regardless, in the belief they will run around deleting anything… Read more »

Totally staggered, even within the cold realms of PR shmoozing, not one word of compassion or empathy for the utter, and ongoing, devastation suffered by the people of Japan, not one solitary word.

But still………’It is heart-warming in these difficult times to discover a small Island business which is doing very well, competing globally with the *big boys*’.

It really is…’the economy stupid’ isn’t it.

I think that’a bit like saying that we shouldn’t read articles about car production without refernce to the statistics on road deaths, peaceful life, (probably not an exact parallel, but you get my drift). I imagine the company is doing the local people a favour, in cleaning up the site. Rather the company than me! The technology required is probably mind-boggling, they are improving & making safe… Read more »

He says in the article, ‘the place of the 2011 nuclear disaster’, that says it all. The whole planet knows how the Japanese suffered and we all know they will continue suffering for many years. Some things are self evident and don’t need to be continually emphasised.


Not an exact parallel?…..Umm, yes I think I’d have to agree with that.

Like I said, not one single word of compassion, not one.


Maybe worth a google of the Express website ‘two years on from fukushima’…. it’s not just.. *A* site that can just be cleaned up.


From the Express…..

Two years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster is Japan facing a cancer time bomb?

TWO years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster local children are showing signs of cancer, prompting cries of a cover-up.


Peaceful, this article was a chance, in uncertain times, to celebrate a minor success story on our Island. We all know about the disaster, its only you raking out the endless details we all know about.


Peaceful, Take time to look at the votes on your comments, its always a pretty accurate indicator on this website of how your comments are received


Pallance, it’s not ‘only’ me though is it, I didn’t write the article.