‘Inter cooler failure’ results in Wightlink cancellations on Fishbourne route

Watch out for cancellations today on the Fishbourne route.

St Clare:

This in from Wightlink, in their own words. Ed

We are sorry, but due to inter cooler failure on the St Faith this morning it has been necessary to cancel the following sailings:

Ex Portsmouth:

Ex Fishbourne:

We are working hard to resolve this problem and minimise any further delays. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you, if you are concerned about your travel plans please call us on 0871 376 1000.

Image: Mike Lawrence under CC BY 2.0

Sunday, 23rd June, 2013 1:29pm


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  1. 1982vivian

    23.Jun.2013 3:23pm

    Technical & operational reasons for cancellations are almost getting to be daily with this outfit. The 4PM from Fishbourne was cancelled yesterday for technical reasons. Don’t suppose it had anything to do with there only being approx half a dozen vehicles in the queue did it?

  2. Now excuse me; but, having owned a number of diesels over the years, intercoolers are a feature of turbocharged diesel engines. The idea is that the intercooler cools down the fuel/air mix – cooler air is denser and more fuel/air can be got into the combustion chamber, thus increasing the performance and power, because more fuel can be burnt on each cycle

    Normally aspirated diesels don’t normally have or need intercoolers and the car ferries aren’t to my knowledge turbocharged, or a performance application, but as this is a marine diesel application, I stand to be corrected.

    Perhaps someone from Wightlink might elaborate, because at the moment it seems an illogical explanation?

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