Around 200 commuters met with Wightlink managers

Mellow music was provided by Bill Wills and members of the Newport Jazz Club, who are supported by Wightlink’s charitable donations.

Wightlink Managers: Russell Kew meeting passengers:

Around 200 Wightlink passengers took advantage of the opportunity to meet the company’s Chief Executive, Russell Kew, and senior managers yesterday afternoon (10 December).

Wightlink say a wide range of subjects was raised, including timetabling, fares and discounts offered to students and disabled people.

Russell Kew said,

“This ‘drop in’ session was a valuable opportunity for us to meet regular travellers in a relaxed atmosphere over some seasonal refreshments and find out their views about our services.

“Not only were we pleased to listen, but we will take away their ideas. We look forward to meeting many more customers in 2014.”

We’re told there’ll be more ‘Meet the Manager’ to come, being held at all ports and on-board ferries over the next few months.

Wednesday, 11th December, 2013 2:35pm



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Sounds like a good thing. As Wightlink are organising this, I would hope it means they think residents will have something to show for it.


Don’t hold your breath- it is IMHO just a cynical PR exercise to divert attention from the bad press they have been getting of late.

You can test this hypothesis in the next month or so by checking what-if anything- of note has changed in Wightlink operations that benefits Islanders.