Island Film Maker Seeks Crowd Funding For Documentary

Islander Callum Murphy is hoping to crowd fund enough money to complete a documentary on the impact that a recession has on a community.

We love hearing about innovative ways to fund interesting projects and this one is no exception.

Callum MurphyIslander Callum Murphy is currently studying film at Winchester University.

He tells us that he has a passion for telling stories that are current and affect us all and with the current financial crisis and the news that we’ve dipped back into recession, he feels that his story is more relevant than ever.

Crowd-funding documentary
Callum’s looking to raise money to help fund an overseas trip to shoot a documentary called Ghost Town. He says,

“For my Final year project I plan to travel to Columbia, Missouri were the recession has hit rural communities the hardest.

“A Ghost Town is more a phenomena than a simple name. It describes the vicious circle a town experiences. A factory employing a 1,000 workers are all made redundant, it closes leaving a derelict building, people can’t afford to buy items from shops, and shops shut down. People can’t pay the mortgage, the bank repossess it.

“It’s a sad truth that this is happening. Many documentaries seem to neglect the people at the centre of the story rather concentrating on the reasons for the company leaving. The documentary will feature three different stories, with the over arching narrative of how the community is attempting to improve the situations by looking to the past for inspiration.”

Callum will be heading out to Columbia in June (funded by himself) and then again in December, which he is looking to raise £800 towards.

If you think that you’ll be able to help in any way, donations as small as £1 are welcome, head over to Callum’s crowd funding page.

He explains more in this video ….

Beyond The Corner
If you’re interested in seeing some of Callum’s previous work, this documentary, Beyond The Corner is a great example of his passion to capture storytelling.

Wednesday, 9th May, 2012 11:35am



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