Island MP Sets Up New Industry Group

New business forum for high end engineering and electronics companies on the Island set up by MP, Andrew Turner

This in from Andrew Turner’s office, in their own words. Ed

Andrew Turner:Earlier this year defence Minister, Peter Luff MP, visited BAE Maritime Services in Cowes and GKN Aerospace in East Cowes at the invitation of the Island’s MP, Andrew Turner.

A number of smaller local companies involved in the defence supply chain also met the Minister and raised issues of concern to them.

New Forum created
Although each of the companies produce different products for different markets, during the meetings it became clear that they face a number of similar issues and challenges.

Phil Rudd of BAE Maritime Services subsequently asked Mr Turner to organise a forum for local businesses involved in high end engineering and electronics to come together to share their experiences.

A number of the businesses involved in the Minister’s visit have already expressed an interest in joining the new group.

First meeting 15th August
Geoff Underwood, Managing Director of In-flight Peripherals has agreed to chair the first meeting which will be held on 15th August at In-flight Peripherals, Elm Lane, Calborne. Mr Turner is now seeking details of other local businesses that may be interested in joining the group.

Mr. Turner said, “We have many successful businesses here on the Island involved in electronics and high end engineering; it is clear that a number of them, both large and small, face similar challenges. For example, one issue raised a number of times is the lack of suitably qualified local staff to fill vacancies – I think that working together we may be able to find some ways to address that.”

Not a talking shop
He went on to say, “We do not intend this to be a talking shop – we will look for solutions to problems and if we need to raise issues with Government then I will do so.

“I hope local companies will find this initiative useful. It will be an industry led group and they will set their own agenda; I will give whatever support I can to the group. I’m grateful to Geoff Underwood who has agreed to chair the initial meeting and provide the venue. Anyone interested in joining the group should contact my office to confirm their attendance.”

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Andrew Turner’s ears must have been burning! He’s been an MP for years, yet many of us have been saying for decades that his & his band of wreckers’s deindustrialisation policies in the 80’s have made vast swathes of people economically redundant before they leave school. But now, with his party facing electoral oblivion he hitches up to a special interest group, with genuine concerns of how… Read more »
Here he goes again, launching a new initiative but not actually doing anything. Mr Turner’s press release is headed ‘Island MP sets up new Industry Group’ with the implication he will be leading it or at the very least closely involved. But the truth is in this line: “It will be an industry-led group and they will set their own agenda; I will give whatever support I… Read more »