Islanders for Europe: Pro-Europe Islanders invited to monthly meet-up

Islanders for Europe meet once a month at the Quay Arts Centre to discuss how leaving the European Union will affect businesses, public services and Island residents.

islanders for europe

Greg shares news of this upcoming event for those concerned about the effects of Brexit. Ed

Islanders for Europe are trying to contact anyone on the Island who is worried or concerned about how leaving the European Union will affect businesses, public services and Island residents.

Although we respect that many Islanders voted to exit the European Union we also realise that there are a lot of people who are unsure of what this will look like.

38% of Islanders voted to Remain
We also recognise that the large number of people who voted to stay in the European Union, locally and nationally, feel that their concerns are being ignored leaving them feeling angry and isolated.

There are also many people on the Isle of Wight who have strong European connections and we wish to let these people know that Islanders for Europe provides a place where they can share their concerns and meet supportive people.

Although the referendum in June 2016 has divided people we believe there is more that unites us than divides us.

Our concerns
Our concerns include; finding sufficient staff for the large number of homes for the elderly, ensuring a smooth transition for the farming, fishing and tourist industries, and public services, taking into account the high dependence some of these have on staff from abroad, the protection of farming land and green spaces, rising food prices and care of the vulnerable.

We are particularly concerned about the future of the NHS.

Little response from MP
Although we have contacted our MP about these issues we have been disappointed to receive very little response.

Monthly meetings
Islanders for Europe meet once a month at the Quay Arts Centre (third Tuesday of the month at 6-30pm, except December when we will meet on 12th) and we have a Website where people can find links to become involved.

We also have a quiz planned for 31st January at Quay Arts.

Monday, 27th November, 2017 12:48pm



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Email updates?
I sincerely hope that we are ALL concerned about the effects of Brexit, because it’s a national disaster and our incompetent, ineffective, pathetic government has NO PLANS for making it work. (Why would they? The arrogant Cameron didn’t expect to lose the Referendum). I trust Islanders for Europe is preparing to take over government when it all falls into a hole in the Channel and we are… Read more »

“All the doommongers comments about Brexit have not happened”.

And neither has Brexit.

Billy Builder
You’re quite right BRexit has not happened yet and hopefully never will. Having said that the UK economy is already failing and the omens are not good. If you believe the papers today not only will BRexit reduce our economy/wealth by something like 20%, but we will be paying somewhere between £50-£90 billion (the exact numbers vary depending on the paper read) for the privilege of being… Read more »
Pointless getting involved in any discussion about so called facts this far down the line. After all, any discussion about facts starts and ends with a big red bus. I just hope that people are given another opportunity to change their minds once presented with the harsh reality of Brexit. Which is, in my opinion, looking more and more disastrous as every day passes. I have not… Read more »
That’s because there are no convinding arguments and there never were – just misrepresentation, obfuscation and outright lies on both sides. The British people have now had a chance to see through all the flim-flam and we all need to know how many have changed their minds. But neither main party is going to risk a re-run because of the loss of face it would cause. Our… Read more »
Billy Builder
Day by day the so called ‘Project Fear’ is becoming ‘Delivered Fact’. Our economy is vastly under performing every other major economy barring none. We have fallen from the 5th largest economy to the 6th with France now occupying the 5th spot and we will continue to fall. These economic disasters are a direct result of the BRexit process, which was secured as a result of blatant… Read more »
All the doommongers comments about Brexit have not happened. People still want to come here. This country is a magnet for Europeans and will continue to be so. The country voted for total control over our laws,economy and borders. There is unemployment in Britain but it is so much lower than in other EU countries. We are being held to ransom by the EU. I sincerely hope… Read more »

Considering over 60% of people on the Isle of Wight voted to leave many people would not agree with them! Operation scare is very much still in operation! There are no facts to back up their arguments!

Steve Goodman
Other than all the reported facts inconvenient for many people! Such as, for example, the huge and rising ‘divorce bill’, the huge problem of finding some sort of solution to a new Brexit border in Ireland, the huge problem in Parliament caused by the politically embarrassing information withheld from the government’s Brexit impact reports, the huge problem caused by the British Brexit negotiation approach apparently being little… Read more »

And it looks as if we have now agreed to pay £50 billion for a trading arrangement much worse than we already have. Brilliant.

I don’t recall seeing that on a bus.

Billy Builder

No, and I don’t believe that that the £300 million each week that BRexit has cost us so far since 24 June 2016 was mentioned either.