Isle of Wight A&E waiting times among worst in country, say NHS England

Latest figures show that A&E waiting times at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust were among the worst in the country last month. Details within

St mary's hospital

Almost one third of A&E patients at St Mary’s Hospital were kept waiting for more than four hours last month — as national waiting times hit an all time high.

Nationally, health workers have blamed the rise on years of under-investment in the NHS and said the service was struggling to cope with a lack of staff and resources.

There are currently 187 full-time vacancies at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust.

1,342 waited more than four hours
According to figures released by NHS England, 4,616 people attended the A&E department at St Mary’s during October — 71 per cent were  treated and discharged, admitted or transferred within four hours, against a target of 95 per cent.

The remaining 1,342 people waited more than four hours.

Fourth worst nationally
A&E waiting times at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust were among the worst in the country, when compared with other hospital trusts. In terms of treating patients within four hours, it was the fourth worst nationally.

When compared with trusts that provided more than just hospital services, it was ninth worst — 13 per cent below the national average of 83.6 per cent.

NHS: We know we need to do more
A spokesperson for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust said:

“We know we need to do more to make sure that people in A&E are seen as quickly as possible, but the national data shows we are not alone.

“We are working hard to improve all our services. This includes recruiting at home and abroad and working with our partners to make sure that people can leave hospital as soon as they are well enough.

“Local people can help us reduce waiting times in A&E by ensuring they call 111 to get advice before travelling and only use 999 or attend A&E in a genuine emergency.”

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As someone who knows a little about what is going on in St Mary’s A&E, there is an element of truth in APs comment, but henry is much nearer the mark.

Alternative Perspective
Not necessarily a bad thing. A&E isn’t run by Kwik Fit, the fact that patients might spend more than 4hrs may well be because with an elderly island demographic patients take longer before they are fit enough to be discharged. There might be all kind of factors to consider, is it late at night? If it is an elderly patient is there anyone at home to support… Read more »

It might also be because St Mary’s A&E is frequently dangerously understaffed, as was discovered during the CQC’s ‘unannounced’ inspection earlier this year.

Jenny Smart

How many more people will suffer and possibly die prematurely through inadequate care, or delays in medical treatment, if the Conservatives win the General Election?

Are you really going to vote to bring this about?