Isle of Wight author signs first major deal with publisher focused on mental health

Bethan Christopher has landed a deal with Trigger, mental health and wellbeing publisher, and believes it’s going to “brilliant, bold, beautiful adventure”

bethan christopher

Congratulations are in order for Isle of Wight author, speaker and life coach, Bethan Christopher, who has just signed a publishing contract with a global mental health publisher.

The deal is for Bethan’s upcoming book, Rebel Beauty, due to be published in February 2021 by Trigger.

“It’s going to be a brilliant, bold, beautiful adventure”
Bethan told OnTheWight,

“Signing the book contract sealed the deal, but heading to London to meet the publisher, editor and design team was what blew me away.

“When I met them, I realised that getting Rebel Beauty into the world – and into the hands of every person who needs to read it – is going to be a brilliant, bold, beautiful adventure in itself. I’m excited.”

Bethan’s career as a writer has gone from strength to strength over the last decade or so. OnTheWight first wrote about Bethan back in 2005, when she published her children’s book, Eggaporting to the Amazon.

She’s gone on to become a life coach and inspirational speaker, as well as publishing further books, such as Grow Your Own Gorgeousness and setting up the Gorgeousness Programme.

Building positive self image and body esteem
Explaining what to expect from her next book, Bethan told OnTheWight,

“Rebel Beauty is based upon years of coaching work that I have done with teenage girls around building positive self image and body esteem.

“The book offers the reader seven principles to work through, helping them to disengage with the media definitions of beauty and instead reconnect with their body, find their personal passions, develop the courage to find their voice in a noisy world, connect with the cyclic nature of the female body and ultimately to live life on their own terms.”

We’ll let you know when the book is published, but in the meantime you can find out more about Bethan’s work by visiting her Website.

Tuesday, 28th January, 2020 12:41pm



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