Isle of Wight beach named in top eight best in the world

We all know how brilliant the two mile stretch of beach at Compton is with its sandy beach and outstanding sunsets. Now the most read online news site in the world has included it in their top eight best beaches from around the world.

compton beach

Sitting alongside beaches in Montenegro, Italy, Ile de Re and Corsica, Compton Beach on the Isle of Wight has been selected as one of the top eight beaches around the world to visit this year.

The round-up of best beaches was published over the weekend by the Daily Mail.

Compton was only one of two beaches in the UK selected for the list.

Pick a peach of a beach!
The Daily Mail’s travel section say,

Pick a peach of a beach! Seeking a secluded corner of the coast? These stretches of sand will delight the whole family

Compton Beach, Isle of Wight
One of the Island’s best-kept secrets, a two-mile stretch of sandy beach near Freshwater, backed by multi-coloured sandstone cliffs.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to enjoy a gentle breeze coming off the English Channel.

Not to mention the incredible sunsets!

Source: Daily Mail – Travel section

Image: © Nick Edwards Wight Seen

Monday, 20th March, 2017 11:17am



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  1. Mason Watch

    20.Mar.2017 12:37pm

    Great news, only one problem. There’s no public access… really couldn’t make this stuff up.

    • Sally Perry

      20.Mar.2017 2:05pm

      We understand the chap who’ll be building the temporary steps was there last week to assess the situation.

      Following reinstatement of temporary steps, something more substantial is planned to be in place by May.

  2. Vix Lowthion

    20.Mar.2017 1:57pm

    And they plan to drill for oil here… couldn’t make that up either.

  3. Great news and well deserved too.
    We must ALL get together NOW and make sure it never happens Vix. We are working at the moment on a big open meeting for April TBC in Newport. Watch for notices any day.. it WILL happen if WE don’t stop it. Planning already being prepared to submit to IOW council….For drilling by 2018

    • Vix Lowthion

      20.Mar.2017 8:14pm

      Thanks Ruth. I don’t think islanders realise drilling for oil is *going to happen* unless we all come together. Frack Free are doing amazing work high lighting the key issues and educating us all. Looking forward to this April meeting!

      • This is for real Islanders, if you sit back and do nothing you will be opening the lock gates to serious air and land and waterway chemical toxicity, pollution of the environment and the increased risk of landslip….this isn’t conjecture, it is fact… and will happen if we do not lobby and make our voices heard in all quarters, Frack Free IOW needs your support now go to and see how you can help to stop this happening..

  4. Garry Rawlinson

    20.Mar.2017 10:47pm

    The beach is beautiful all year round, definitely a problem area for parking especially in summer, shame about the geo engineered skies and chemical coloured sun set’s!

  5. prehistoric martin

    21.Mar.2017 10:01am

    That’s the view of Compton Bay I get when I look through the wrapper of the purple chocolate from Quality Sreeet. If only you could actually get to any of the beaches along the Back of the Wight.

  6. Robert Jones

    21.Mar.2017 11:49am

    Getting to the beaches on the back of the Wight coast is indeed a struggle, if possible at all. I haven’t any solutions to the problem – if you put steps in, they get swept away by landslip or waves: when I could walk rather better than I can now, I made it to the beach at Rocken End: or at least, I got to a point where I could LOOK at it – the only access was via a rope attached to a post which one would have to clamber down: if I’d done that, I’d still be there. But then – maybe it’s no bad thing that there are areas of land, sand and cliff that few of us can actually get to; it gives wildlife in all its forms a chance; that was my consolation, anyway, standing there like a lemon….

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