Isle of Wight CCG facing £12m funding deficit

The CCG say the IWC have been aware of the planning reduction in funding since August 2015 and are themselves facing a significant deficit of £12m in 2017/18.

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The Executive member for Adult Social Care Richard Priest, yesterday called on the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to reverse its decision to stop its financial contribution to supporting the protection of adult social care services on the Island.

In response to the plea, Helen Shields Chief Officer of the isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said,

“The Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been working in partnership for some years with the Isle of Wight Council.

“The CCG is required to pass to the IOW Council the funding which it has been allocated to support social care of £3.6m.

“The CCG was in the fortunate position to be able to supplement this funding by £3.1m (2015/16) and £1.4m (2016/17). The Council was first made aware of the need to decrease this support in August 2015 and it has been raised as a risk on the risk register at the Joint Commissioning Board since September 2015.”

CCG has its own “significant deficit of £12m”
Helen went on to add,

“The CCG is facing a significant deficit of £12m in 2017/18 but has agreed to an additional £1m in that year above the statutory minimum but has had to give notice for 2018/19.

“The CCG receives an allocation from NHS England to commission health services for island residents and it is not able to raise additional resources above that level.

“The CCG clearly wishes it was able to continue to support the Council over and above the required level but it is not in a position to do so.

“The CCG wants to continue to work with the Council to look at the collective positions so that we can use our combined total commissioning resource for the benefit of Island residents.”

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Thursday, 2nd February, 2017 11:52am



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S Gordon
Since the island lied about Agenda 21 and persuaded everybody to sign up for it, money was going to disappear. That’s the plan behind Agenda 21. Everybody who is aware of the Agenda knows this. The elite want to crush us all and rule over us in a way that even Hitler couldn’t manage. And you agreed to Agenda 21 you all just bent over for the… Read more »
Alan Price

So the council have known about this since 2015?

So why has it taken this long for the issue to be addressed?

Any answers on this Steve Stubbings, or will you choose to ignore another question from a concerned resident?….

Robert Jones
The only way of “addressing” it is for the money required to sustain services to be released. The council has made the point that we’re heading for bankruptcy and that it, like the CCG, has no means of raising the money from local sources, including Council Tax. Your question would be better directed to Richard Priest: knowing all this, as he will if he had been reading… Read more »

You mean like how you keep ignoring people who continually correct your mistaken ‘beliefs’?

Didn’t you promise Steve and myself an apology for the last one?

Alan Price
I promised an apology once the 2017 figures are announced, as you politely directed me to the figures for 2016 (which made interesting ready – thank you for that). To repeat myself, I will happily apologise once the 2017 figures are announced, at this point neither of us have the correct figures to support our opinions. To answer both yours and Steve’s questions re my opinion on… Read more »
steve stubbings

You have done the Conservative councillor a great service by not naming him. :-)

Your informant is wrong and the fact it comes from a Councillor is quite worrying. You also realise that Sally (one the journalists who runs this site) also confirmed how allowances work? You are saying she is wrong also? There is no need to wait until the accounts to apologise. If you truly are interested in the truth you could read the relevant section in the Constitution… Read more »
steve stubbings

What, exactly, is your concern, Alan? The fact that I didn’t issue a press release?

Please remind me of the other question to which you, as a ‘concerned resident’, still await an answer.

steve stubbings
Further, Alan, since you have, once again, afforded me the opportunity to comment, I have discovered that delicate negotiations with other organisations facing similar problems to ours – as a consequence of ‘austerity’- are better conducted in private rather than through the media. I spent years building good relationships with our partners in health! Why not try doing some research before you come on here spouting your… Read more »


I haven’t come across that one before. I had to look it up.

It’s an education itself on this site.;)

.?? This thread seems to have taken a left turn…..getting back to the point. As Steve Stubbings will confirm, the council has know about this since September 2015. ( but it’s not good news so not surprising it wasn’t publicised). so Richard Priests bleat is embarrassing. Maybe he should apprise himself of the facts before he issues a press release, obviously he has really helped ‘partnership working’… Read more »

Lest we forget, this Government has mandated “efficiency savings” of £22 billion for the NHS from 2015 to 2020. So when they state that there is increased funding year on year in real terms, this fact is conveniently not mentioned.
It is obviously unachievable and the whole care system is thus underfunded and in many areas falling apart.