Isle of Wight Conservatives introduce some of their youngest candidates

The Island Conservatives have three Isle of Wight council election candidates in their teens and others in their 20s and 30s

Rhys and Cara

Following the news that Cowes Enterprise College student Matthew Ambrosini will be seeking election as the new Isle of Wight councillor for Newport Central (following his 18th birthday later this week), the Island Conservatives are delighted to announce two further candidates in their late teens who will also be representing the Party in the forthcoming Isle of Wight election:

  • 19-year-old Newport resident Cara Lock standing in the new Parkhurst and Hunnyhill ward;
  • 19-year-old Ryde resident Rhys Wright standing in the new Ryde Monktonmead ward.

Encouraged younger members to come forward
With just 15 per cent of councillors (nationally) under the age of 45 – and the age profile of elected representatives on the Isle of Wight similarly skewed to an older age range – the Conservative Party on the Isle of Wight has encouraged some of its younger members to come forward to seek election to the Isle of Wight Council.

In addition to Cara, Rhys and Matthew, there are a number of other members in their 20s and 30s who will also be standing as Conservative candidates on 6th May. A full list will be published next week.

Cara Lock
Cara Lock

Lock: I hope can help encourage more young women to consider standing for public office
Cara – who attended schools in Newport and now works in the hospitality sector – said,

“I am delighted to have this opportunity to put myself forward for election as part of a team of candidates for the Island as a whole. It is widely recognised that public bodies (like the Isle of Wight council) need to increase their number of younger and female members, and I hope that – by seeking election – I can help encourage more young women to consider standing for public office.

“Following my nomination, it is clear that there are a number of issues in Parkhurst & Hunnyhill that would benefit from having a local councillor who is working as an influential part of the majority group at County Hall. For example, a number of residents have welcomed the Conservative administration’s negotiations with the Ministry of Justice in respect of the ownership of the prison estate roads, and I have pressed the leadership of the Council to ensure that the evident strength of local feeling on this particular issue is taken into account as the decision is finalised. This is just one example of where I hope that a fresh approach, with a new councillor, can help make a difference – as the issue is still just at the first stage of a much longer-term process, requiring dialogue with residents about how such improvements get underway.

“I look forward to getting out and about in Parkhurst & Hunnyhill and meeting more voters, at a distance, between now and polling day. If elected, my role will be to represent residents of all ages who live in the ward, and I also hope to be a voice for younger people from across the Island who may currently feel under-represented.”

Wright: Grandfather’s work sparked my own interest in politics
Rhys – who attended schools in Ryde and Newport and now works in the care sector – is the grandson of Adrian Axford, the former councillor for Ryde North West who recently passed away.

Rhys Wright
Rhys Wright

He said,

“My grandfather was a huge inspiration to me, as I grew up observing his considerable involvement in politics and civic life on the Island. His work in the Ryde community sparked my own interest in politics and led to me applying to stand as a candidate in the forthcoming elections. I had very much hoped to be seeking election alongside my grandfather, but sadly he was taken from us too soon.

“However, as we remember the public service he undertook over many years, I am even more determined to honour his memory by seeking to follow in his footsteps. My grandfather did great work for our local community, and I will be following his lead in seeking to do the same. I am just saddened that he is not here to see me do it.

“I recognise that, of course, I have much less experience that many existing councillors and candidates. But if I were elected, I would be working alongside others – bringing my own youthful perspective alongside the experiences and input offered by those who have previously served as councillor or had careers elsewhere.

“That’s the benefit of having a wider team: we can all collectively contribute. I look forward to chatting to voters over the coming weeks and listening to their views.”

Stewart: Exceptionally strong candidates
Cllr Dave Stewart, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council added,

“I am delighted to welcome Matthew, Cara and Rhys on board as the next generation of Conservative candidates. I am the first to admit that the overall make-up of the Isle of Wight Council’s membership is not as diverse as it should be. That is why we have taken steps to recruit these – and other – younger candidates to be part of our full candidate team.

“What I can say is that they have all been selected entirely on their own merits, having been through the same interview process as all other potential candidates.

“They are exceptionally strong candidates who I am confident will appeal to voters in their own right, as well as helping us broaden the appeal of the Conservative Party on the Island as a whole.

“I will be supporting them in their campaigns and I very much hope to welcome them to our team at County Hall in due course.”

News shared by Dave on behalf of Isle of Wight Conservatives, in his own words. Ed

Tuesday, 30th March, 2021 5:42pm



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Well, what a surprise! At last Dave’s realised what OnTheWight commenters have been saying for years – nearly all Cons councillors are older white males. But now they’re going for the opposite age extreme – could late teens be a bit young, lacking experience, unless you’re Cameron Palin (East Cowes Town Councillor), who’s been actively involved, even taking a lead, in local politics since age 14? Dave… Read more »

Are you standing, have you ever stood?


Nice to see some fresh faces representing the conservatives. Sad that it marks them out as having no integrity nor sense of decency, but that’s what it takes to join a party led by a serial liar and his fellow chumocrats.


Well at least they look young enough to ride a Beryl Scooter without falling off, which is a lot more than can be said of the other Conservative Councillor hopefuls.

Benny C

As far as I’m concerned the vast majority can scoot into the sunset and I’d even pay for the scooters if they promised not to come back.

Two excellent choices for consideration there. The first one wants you to vote for her because she is female. Apparently this is a qualification now. And young, which used to mean inexperienced but now seems to mean whatever you like, your choice, but definitely not an old fogey, or anyone over 40, whichever comes first. The second candidate apparently wishes he was his grandfather, or possibly hopes… Read more »
Benny C
Good. At least they’re starting to realise the complacency that’s set in over the years. These young folk should be assigned mentors to help them develop high quality skill sets. How about eminent residents like Sir Ian Cheshire, Lord Oakeshott, Mary Case, Dame Ellen McArthur, for example. We should choose from across the spectrum. They could be great for developing thinking and robust debating ability. It’s our… Read more »

I have never voted Conservatism and never will, let’s hope Dave Stewart your never in a position to welcome or support anybody.


Well done to both of you and Good Luck!

Angela Hewitt
Dave Stewart had better hope he is still around to welcome them. I strongly support young people into politics. And the formation of a Youth Council would be a great step forward. A public election could be organised, OR, each elected councilor could chose a young person (16-19 yrs) after an interview process to support and influence his ideas and a committee system set up for them… Read more »