Isle of Wight council don’t know when Cowes Floating Bridge will return – due to new ‘major fault’

A major fault with the hydraulic system was identified when the bridge was taken out of service 21 days ago for ‘planned maintenance’

floating bridge suspended sign

It is not yet know when the Cowes Floating Bridge service- which was suspended on 14th July for ten days of scheduled maintenance – will return.

The Isle of Wight council have announced this afternoon that whilst undergoing tests prior to returning to service, “a major fault with the hydraulic system was identified”.

They say,

“The shipbuilders and their approved contractors have investigated this and advised the council that the vessel cannot currently return to service as originally planned.

“Once the system fault and the required replacement parts have been identified, the aim will be to return the service as quickly and safely as possible.”

The council say they hope to provide an update on the likely timescales for the return of the service by the end of the week.

Passenger launch
Please note the launch service for foot passengers will continue to operate from 0500 – 2300hrs (0630-2300hrs Sundays).

The Isle of Wight Council apologises for any inconvenience caused by this ongoing disruption to the service.

Tuesday, 4th August, 2020 6:13pm



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Come on, this farce can’t go on and on, everyone knows it’s not fit for purpose, it never has been, IW Council taxpayers can’t continually throw good money after bad, there are far more important things to prioritise.


“There will always be those who doesn’t get the message”(sic) That’s what Cllr. Ward said on the shambles on the Newport road the other day. How right he is again. He’s been given the message time and time again but he still hasn’t got it.


There has been no apology or even an admission that this has been a total disaster from Day One. Why have heads not rolled on this? In any other walk of life this would happen. Instead, ineptness seems to be rewarded for IWC members.


If I spent a lot of money on an expensive car which within a short time totally packed up I would expect a replacement and a massive apology. At least. If I had used someone else’s money I would not expect them to pay to put it right.
Do you agree Dave ?

Sadly, the car scenario is business to consumer, and the consumer has a LOT of rights. Business to business is a whole different ball game… If you think it’s not fit for purpose, you have to prove it in a court of law. If the fact that it’s not fit for purpose is down to the ineptitude of someone in the council then it’s brick and a… Read more »

You’ll probably find there’s a “Limited Liability” clause written in to the contract.
For those that don’t follow these things, that was why the Council couldn’t claim against Island Roads for the debacle of Undercliff Drive.