Isle of Wight councillors claimed £475,000 in allowances and expenses

The total amount claimed increased by over £13,000 in the last year. OnTheWight has the details


Isle of Wight Councillors received £474,488 in allowances and expenses last year — an increase of more than £13,000 compared with the previous year.

According to the 2018/19 figures, which have just been published, councillors received £314,160 in basic allowances, £130,725 in special responsibility allowances — awarded to councillors who hold senior roles, such as cabinet members and committee chairs — and £28,880 in expenses.

Two per cent rise in allowances
Councillors will also receive a two per cent rise this year in allowances. In 2018/19, councillors were entitled to a basic allowance of £7,854. From 1st April this year, that has risen to £8,011.

The special responsibility allowance has also risen from £7,854 to £8,011.

All councillors are entitled to claim expenses for travel and subsistence. Childcare expenses are also available, but no councillors claimed them last year.

£1,000 more for leader
Council leader Cllr Dave Stewart received the biggest payout last year — £1,000 more than the previous year. He received £26,406, which included his basic allowance, a £15,708 special responsibility allowance as council leader and travel expenses of almost £3,000.

Deputy leader Cllr Stuart Hutchinson received £18,835.

Eleven councillors received more than £15,000 — including cabinet members Cllrs Clare Mosdell and Ian Ward, who received more than £17,500 each.

Hotel costs
Cllr Mosdell also claimed more than £400 for hotel accommodation — one of only three councillors to do so. Cllr Stewart and cabinet member Cllr Paul Brading also claimed £73 and £98 for hotel accommodation, respectively.

Cllr Vanessa Churchman, the ward member for Havenstreet, Ashey and Haylands, claimed £1,681 in travel expenses — the fourth largest amount — even though she does not hold a senior role. She attributed her expenses to attending events on behalf on Cllr Ward when he was unwell.

Indies took cut in allowances
When the Island Independents were in charge at County Hall, councillors agreed to take a pay cut.

Since then, allowances have risen steadily.

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Benny C

Words fail me. Someone please tell me I am imagining this. The same person who made herself look totally incompetent on LBC radio stood in for the head of infrastructure and planning! We are doomed , Captain Mainwaring, doomed. How on earth such unsuitable people get these positions baffles me.


‘These people’ get these positions because the IW electorate puts them there.


When the electorate listen to bullsh** and vote them in, why expect anything other than bullsh** out..?


(Modsell or Mosdell?)

Benny C

Is she the one living in Manchester?

Geoff Brodie

No. She crawled off last April


Its disgraceful as well as the money being Wasted with St Mary’s and the Joke of a floating bridge!
BUT Maybe we should ALL vote next time. Too many dont bother voting. Make sure none of them get back in.

Any people out there want to make the island better for the People. NOT just their pockets…?


They should be paying us, you could write a book about their incompetences e.g. floating bridge, St Mary’s roundabout, PFI contract and associated hidden truths, wanting to reinstate the Undercliff Drive when it’s an area of major ground movement. Who voted them in? Make sure you vote them out.