Isle of Wight Eat Out to Help Out figures revealed

Figures released today reveal just how many people took part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme on the Isle of Wight

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It’s been revealed today that over 100 million meals have been claimed for under the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme across the UK.

Here on the Isle of Wight 235 restaurants took part in the scheme which encouraged diners to eat out on Mondays to Wednesdays and claim a 50 per cent discount of up to £10 per person.

There were 296,000 meals claimed on the Island, with a whopping £1,640,000 in discounts provided – resulting in an average meal discount of £5.53.

This compares to an average meal discount of £5.67 across the South East region, where 6,903,000 meals have been claimed.

Sunak: We needed be creative, brave and try things
Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, said:

“From the get-go our mission has been to protect jobs – and to do this we needed be creative, brave and try things that no government has ever done before.

“Today’s figures continue to show Eat Out to Help Out has been a success. I want to thank everyone, from restaurant owners to waiters, chefs and diners, for embracing it and helping drive our economic recovery.

“The scheme is just one part of our Plan for Jobs and we will continue to protect, support and create jobs to ensure we come back stronger as a nation.”

Some businesses have decided to carry on with discount schemes through September, but this is not being supported by the Government.

Friday, 4th September, 2020 10:26am



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We had some lovely meals out during this scheme. A few not so great and tiny, overpriced portions.
Great measures in place at most establishments to help people feel safe too.
It has also given people a bit of confidence to venture out again.

An eat out to help out scheme that din’t involve fleecing the taxpayer and encouraging a multi million pound fraud and subsidy to multi national fast food chains, would have been a voluntary system of payment to the restaurant and its staff by the customers. Yet again Bob and his mates in SW1 have been free and easy with other people’s cash, and then to pay for… Read more »

What is this obsession with fraud over Eat Out to Help Out? There are several more egregious frauds going on in plain sight than the odd £20–30 extra being claimed by a few restaurants. For a start, see: PPE; ferry companies with no ferries.


Yup 8,000 cases of furlough fraud reported to HMRC


The Government admitted that it will not effectively chase up fraud in the eat out to help out scheme; answering to a question in the house by SNP MP Chris Stevens, the Government laughably replied: “The Government expects the vast majority of organisations to do the right thing, but it is recognised that within any scheme there is potential for fraud.” July 2020


I bet that figure is riven with fraudulent claims.

Benny C

Evidence ? Please say something quantitative and not subjective. We all want to hear fact based sensible commentary. Politically biased tirades just make the promoted alternative less popular due to the inherent weakness of the argument. Exaggeration just serves to prove the flaws in the author and destroys any credibility they might think they’re due.


My sources are HMRC investigating fraud in Eat out to Hep Out reported in national press and via briefs from 2 of the Big Four accountancy firms.


Which parts of the national press, Fedupbritain?


In the currant bun


So your “evidence” is a report in the Sun – ah well…