Isle of Wight election results 2013: The Detail

As soon as the details came in, they were updated live.


If you’re after the detail, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll have all of the results, as soon as they’re announced. The number of votes the candidate gained, along with their position in the ward.

Added analysis
We’ve added the extra details too – analysing the winning margin for each ward; the percentage of each candidates gained of the total electorate, as well as the number of people who actually voted.

To find your ward, simply move the scroll bar on the right-hand side down the list – it’s alphabetic.

If it’s a more general overview you’re looking for, we’ve got that for you too.

Location map
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Friday, 3rd May, 2013 12:32pm



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  1. retiredhack

    3.May.2013 1:05pm

    Let joy be unconfined

  2. Downwind resident

    3.May.2013 1:48pm

    Can Julia Hill take over the Highways PFI please?

  3. Wendy Cook

    3.May.2013 2:41pm

    I think some of themaths needs checking on the percentages!!

  4. Thanks Sally for all your hard work. Great coverage.
    Might be useful whe you have time to work out turnout figures overall and for each ward

  5. WELL DONE to Steve Stubbings… So Democracy DOES work after all… what an upset for some eh??
    Thanks also to VB/OTW for great coverage that enabled us all to have a good old moan etc…

  6. playingthenumbers

    3.May.2013 4:31pm

    BBC man Peter Henley is tweeting that education sec, Michael Gove thinks the Tories lost the island due to ‘island problems’ 2/3 schools in special measures, missed GCSE targets.

    Mr Pugh thinks Tories needs a stronger line on Europe. (Not going to happen)

    Mr Pugh’s (ahem) career as an educational consultant looks over.

  7. greenfiremouse

    3.May.2013 4:48pm

    There seems to be an error for “Totland” – I can’t believe that there are 383 spoilt papers!
    John Howe was elected, wasn’t he?

  8. Alan parsons

    3.May.2013 6:31pm

    Well done Julia Hill, we need some one like you to shake those stiff necks up in the council.

  9. Why is Shanklin South’s winning margin showing as if Pugh had zero? A nice thought, I admit, but not entirely accurate.

  10. Jacqueline Cave

    3.May.2013 7:29pm

    Why so many spoilt papers in Totland? Perhaps we need a re-vote!!

  11. 2064 papers spoilt in brading, st helens and bembridge – what is happening there???

    • Sally Perry

      4.May.2013 9:43am

      Brading etc is a strange one as there are two seats in the same ward. We’ll be seeking clarification from the IWC on Tuesday of the number of spoiled papers, but in the meantime we know that candidates received a total of 4,613 votes. The anomaly comes from the IWC stats which state 2,549 – so we’re unable to calculate how many were spoiled.

      • It just looks like an IWC reporting cock-up.

        There are discrepancies between the toals of votes per candidate and the “No. Voted” Thus total votes in Bembridge/Brading etc were 4613 yet the “No. Voted” was 2549.

        It looks like the system assumed the difference was “Spoilt Papers”,

        Thus 2549 less 4613= (minus) 2064 as reported.

      • Jonathan Bacon

        4.May.2013 12:35pm

        From memory (although I was concentrating on other things most of the time) I think there were actually about 10 spoilt papers in the ward.

  12. just a little one

    4.May.2013 1:21pm

    Sally is right, Bembridge, St. Helens and Brading are strange as we were able to vote for 2 candidats. The Polling Officer never highlighted this giving out slips, (certainly in the polling station I used not everyone seemed aware of that they could select 2). It is quite possible that many people only voted for one candidate (and as long as it was Jonathan I don’t care).

    • Jonathan Bacon

      4.May.2013 1:34pm

      Thank you for your kind comment! In fairness (having myself asked on Thursday) the Polling Officers were not allowed to tell people they could put two crosses. The information was on the formal notices, where it is permitted. It also seems that electoral law prevents the papers being looked at after the count to see how many people only put one cross. While watching the count yesterday it was obvious there were a number of papers with just one cross but I don’t think it was that many (and I think a lot of those were for UKIP, who were just fielding the one candidate in the ward)

    • I mentioned this at the polling station where I was on duty. Jonathan is right to say that they are not permitted to say voters had a maximum of two votes but they were clearly on the notices around the desk and in the booth. Our returning officer kindly put another notice at eye level by the entrance.

  13. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

    • … and another scammer joins the rush to OTW

      • It always puzzles me what they get out of it – can anyone tell me?

        • Sally Perry

          2.Jun.2013 2:28pm

          I would recommend ignoring these obvious spam posts as we delete them as soon as we see them. If you have commented in reply, your comments will then look out of place.

          The purpose of the comments being left by the scammers is to send readers to other sites (often malicious).

          We have anti-spam software installed which moderates 100s of spam comments each week, but occasionally some slip through.

          As I said, best to just ignore them.

  14. Reg Barry is listed as Island Independents in the table above, I realise all the other Liberal Democrats have jumped ship and have taken refuge in the last chance saloon but Reg isn’t one of them.
    I think he has to be admired for having the integrity to stick with his ideology rather than bailing out and bluffing it as non political in the hope of securing an allowance for the next 4 years. Besides which he won against the odds, I guess that makes him more independent that any of them in real terms, good on him.

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