Isle of Wight father and daughter rescue ray fish trapped under large rock

The rescue mission took place in St Lawrence on Saturday afternoon. Details within

Allen and Eleanor with stingray

Three cheers for Allen Wood and his five-year-old daughter Eleanor from St Lawrence.

Allen’s wife, Hazel, got in touch with News OnTheWight yesterday (Saturday) to share details of how her husband and daughter managed to rescue a trapped undulate rayfish (thanks to Ed Blake for identifying for us).

Trapped under a large rock
Yesterday afternoon, whilst down at Woody Bay (St Lawrence) another family on the beach mentioned that a fish had got stuck under a large rock.

Trapped stingray in Woody Bay

Hazel says the fish would have remained trapped had her husband of not physically moved the rock, picked up the ray fish and placed it back in the open water.

Stingray released from under the rock

Hazel says,

“My daughter even stroked it. Knowing how dangerous stingrays can be, I am very proud of them both for the act of bravery and kindness.”

Allen and Eleanor who rescued the stingray

According to experts the undulate ray species are becoming more threatened or vulnerable to extinction, “particularly as the consequence of unregulated fishing”, so all the more reason for Allen and Eleanor to feel good about their rescue mission.

Sunday, 27th September, 2020 10:54am



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