Isle of Wight firm wins East Cowes contract from Red Funnel

The company that are based in Havenstreet have been undertaking major projects on the Isle of Wight and across the South since 1992.

red funnel east cowes terminal - trinity wharf bldgs gone

Red Funnel has awarded a major contract to Isle of Wight based Stoneham Construction Ltd to complete phase one of the company’s East Cowes terminal redevelopment.

Work at the site of the former Trinity House maintenance depot involves levelling the area, adding suitable drainage, black topping the surface and adding lane markings.

Operating by summer 2018
It is expected the project will be completed and the site commissioned for operational use by late July.

The contract was awarded to the Isle of Wight based company following a competitive tender and is part of Red Funnel’s policy of supporting Island businesses wherever possible.

Stuart shares this news on behalf of Red Funnel. Ed

Tuesday, 15th May, 2018 3:18pm



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Email updates?
Lyn Blackledge

Nice to see work going to a local firm #shoplocal

Steve Goodman

Sadly also a reminder or the RF bosses bigger picture selfish greedy land and money grabbing attitude to other local firms.


And also a reminder that RF is progressively improving the state of the E.Cowes site thus improving links to the big Island!


A couple of pipes and a few tonnes of Tarmac. Not exactly the Forth Bridge.

You only have to look at RF’s prices over the next two weeks to see how we the islander’s are paying for this work.It will cost you £55 one way for a car and passengers and much more to get back to the island.We wanted a 4 day break for next week total cost £124 why, it is half term so they have put there prices up… Read more »

Everything is more expensive at peak times not just ferries!
Moan all you like, that is the way of most businesses!
Travel or organise a visit somewhere at peak times, you will pay peak prices!