Isle of Wight foodbank has supported 46,000 Islanders with food parcels in last ten years

During their busiest month, Isle of Wight foodbank provided over 900 emergency food parcels

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The Isle of Wight Foodbank is marking ten years of supporting local people in crisis.

Since we were established in 2011, more than 28,000 adults and 18,000 children have received a three-day emergency food parcel.

Foodbank Manager Hannah King,

“For the past ten years I have consistently felt humbled by the commitment, dedication and generosity that has enabled the foodbank to support those who have come to us.  For all who have donated food and finances I thank you. 

“I have absolute admiration and respect for our teams of volunteers who give their time in so many ways in assisting us in helping those in need within our local community and without them, we would not be able to achieve the level of service we offer.

“Over the last couple of decades, foodbanks across the UK have provided incredible, practical support to people in poverty.  However, we are acutely aware that this kind of response shouldn’t be needed and so our goal is to have an Island that has no need for a foodbank.”

900 food parcels in busiest month
The Isle of Wight Foodbank began with just a handful of volunteers in a Cowes warehouse, providing necessary food to up to 50 people each month, and now distributes from five centres around the Isle of Wight. At our maximum, before the pandemic, we were operating with almost 200 volunteers and, during our busiest month we provided over 900 emergency food parcels.

Thanks to supporters
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the generous Island community who have shown ongoing support over the last ten years enabling us to continue.

Thanks to staff and volunteers
Thank you to all the volunteers, staff and trustees who have made the foodbank what it is today. Thank you to the churches and YMCA who host our foodbank centres.

Thanks to partners
Those who use the foodbank are signposted to professionals who provide necessary help and opportunities to move forward. Thank you to all the agencies and charities who partner with us to provide this necessary service. #morethanjustfood.

Thanks to fundraisers
Thank you also to the many churches, shops, schools, businesses, fundraisers, ambassadors, groups, and individuals who continually show their support by donating their time, expertise, food, and funds, without which we would not be able to continue.

Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service
One of our highlights during our ten years was being awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, which is the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK to recognise outstanding work done in their own communities.

We are thankful to be part of the Trussell Trust who not only provide us with needed resources and outstanding support, but also campaigns to end the need for foodbanks in the United Kingdom.

Find out more
To find out how you can support local people in crisis, please visit our Website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

News shared by Hannah on behalf of Isle of Wight Foodbank. Ed

Tuesday, 30th March, 2021 5:58pm



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Whilst I think very highly of the volunteers, and I wish to thank them for their efforts, I loathe the fact that we require them.

As central government reduces payments to local government, year on year, we are going to need their services increasingly.

When will Tory austerity policies end?


There’s the price of a decade of Conservative austerity for you.

I can only applaud and thank all those involved however we need to remind ourselves that this country apparently is in the top 6 richest economies and there is a need to use food banks, what a disgrace, what does that tell you. The imposed austerity of this government is the reason with the need to use food banks on the rise. Shame on those in power… Read more »