Isle of Wight Fridays for Future call for strike action to raise awareness of the climate crisis

Young people on the Isle of Wight are calling for others to join them in striking on Friday to draw attention to the climate crisis

fridays for future march with young people demonstrating

This coming Friday (29th November), students and adults will strike from school and work to demand that the people with power take serious action to end the climate crisis.

Anya Poerscout-Edgerton, on behalf of Fridays For Future Isle of Wight, explains,

“Our movement is growing but there still needs to be a substantial increase in school strikers: the election is almost here, and this is the environmental election.

“Your vote will decide our future.”

Write to your headteacher
Anya says it’s vital to note that students who wish to take part can edit and use this template to write to their headteacher about the “exceptional circumstance” and reasons for their absence to avoid being fined.

She added that they have had no reports of any students being fined anywhere in the country, and this letter can be used to make sure they don’t get any in future.

Find out more
For more information visit the Website and social Instagram account

Image: tommiboom under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 25th November, 2019 9:04am



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Not really a strike as they wish to avoid any personal cost like being fined for absence and strikes have long been illegal without suitable ballots. If they want to have a protest that’s fine but I would suggest a Saturday so as not to lose part of a valuable paid-by-the-taxpayers education. Exam results are dire on the Island as it is. It is irresponsible to encourage… Read more »

Indeed Saturday would be much better perhaps in a hall Hired for the protest. Lets not frighten the horses, It’s only the future of the planet after all.

Steve Goodman
A reminder that taxpayers are also made to fund things like remarkably high payments to often undeserving people running what used to be schools but are now academies, and much more remarkable subsidies to industries and practices which continue to contribute to aggravating our existential environmental emergency. Also a reminder that the previous protests have not stopped powerholders putting us all in the precarious position pointed out… Read more »

Voters should consider the Environment and the future at this upcoming election, totally agreed.


No doubt, there will be queues of traffic pumping out more fumes, buses whose drivers will be delayed and possibly run out of hours, inconveniencing others who cannot afford to have a day off work.

Steve Goodman
Tonight, two days after the UN warning that we are failing to make the required changes fast enough, at 7pm Channel 4 will broadcast the world’s first leaders climate & nature TV debate; sadly, something serial liar and current leader Boris still lacks the backbone to take part in. And for viewers taking an interest in why we are heading for extinction and what we can do… Read more »
It’s not a strike. Its is a dim witted adolescents excuse to take a day off have a lay in and maybe , just maybe wander around town with their mates chanting and thinking they know how the world revolves namely around them. Who as a mature adult actually believes they were wiser and more worldly as a teenager. Wisdom is a virtue that isn’t innate, but… Read more »
I support all the children wanting to wake the world up to say that these issues need to be dealt with now to stop catastrophic rises in temperatures. There was a good program on BBC last night about meat eating and the enormous damage mono cropping and industrial agriculture are doing to the planet. The rain forests cut down to make way for beef is vast, and… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Some more on the mentioned meat and other consumption and so on: Yesterday morning, on the day that the UN again needed to remind us that we are all in big trouble and that the required increasingly urgent and expensive big changes needed in response to our existential environmental emergency are still not being made with anything near the required speed and scale, I was at the… Read more »
Steve Goodman

In response to this I have tried to say some more about meat consumption and other matters related to this thread but something isn’t working in the usual way…

In the meantime, here’s a link to the BBC program:

Steve Goodman

It is a strike, and it’s in response to the dim witted adults who have given people reason to react.

Also on the subject of those about to be absent in response to our existential environmental emergency – serial liar, Heathrow expansion-blocking bull****er, and current PM Boris lacks the backbone to take part in Thursday evening’s televised climate and nature election debate.

A good opportunity for children to show their concern for the environment and the effects of climate change. There will be those that say they are jeopardising their education and future to join these strikes, but without action being taken to reduce harmful emissions they may well have no future. The environmental news is pretty much all bad at the moment, today’s newspapers carried the headlines that… Read more »
So this means that upper ventnor will be plagued with mums taxis queuing to pick up their kids who, to be honest, should perhaps walk home to prevent an even longer disruption and polution issue as one child walks out whilst another doesn’t so two journeys..TWICE the polution. I understand the issue, but is this not the same thing as Climate change conferences being held all over… Read more »

Together, the world’s top five meat and dairy corporations are now responsible for more annual greenhouse gas emissions than Exxon, Shell or BP. Go Vegan or go home!


There are no non-vegan environmentalists.

iain mckie

The Green candidate was not a vegetarian when she stood in 2015. Not sure if she is now.


I will be voting Green as the Lib Dems have done a deal with them to withdraw their candidate. I voted Green last time as well. Labour have no chance on the Island.