Isle of Wight Green spokesperson elected to national executive of Green Party

Vix Lowthion’s new role as Policy Development Coordinator for the party brings with it responsibility to review and grow the full range of party policies

Vix in Upper St James Street

Vix Lowthion, Isle of Wight Green spokesperson and previous Parliamentary candidate, has been successfully elected to the national executive of the Green Party of England and Wales (known as GPEx). Her new role is Policy Development Coordinator for the party, with responsibility to review and grow the full range of party policies.

Online conference
This year the usual Autumn Conference is being held online throughout the week, with meetings, discussions and fringe events last weekend, and workshops and policy decisions being made by the full membership next weekend.

Discussions have included a Green Economic Recovery, Electoral Reform and Afrikan Reparations. Vix also addressed online conference in her role of Education spokesperson as part of the panel looking at ‘Education is broken – how we can build something better’.

Lowthion: Absolute privilege to be elected
Miss Lowthion said,

“It’s an absolute privilege to be elected by the party membership to GPEx for the next 12 months. I hope to use my energy and experience to support the wealth of expertise in our party to strengthen our policies – which are already the best in the country!

“Like all elected co-ordinators this is a voluntary and unpaid role, but a vitally important one if we are going to get more Greens elected and tackle the challenges of the Climate Emergency.”

The Green Party Conference continues all week – you can find out more at
the Green Party Website.

News shared by Cameron on behalf of Isle of Wight Green Party. Ed

Monday, 5th October, 2020 4:10pm



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Jenny Smart

I don’t mean to be rude, but have the Green Party completely lost the plot?


Not rude. Perfectly reasonable question!

Mark L Francis

Is that like the bit in “The Big Sleep” (or is “Farewell, My Lovely) where they pull out the car from the docks in the film & the director has to ask Raymond Chandler where it fitted in the plot & he had no idea either? Except the Green Party would say it was for recycling,right?

Mark L Francis

I think I just answered my own question.


Afrikan Reparations?

Alternatives is a positive thing but the Green Party is sadly not the right one. Labour is the way forward for a fairer more equal society and is the real deal alternative to Neo Liberalism and continued imposed austerity under the ruling class Tories who know nothing about, struggle, homelessness, poverty, the need to use food banks, zero hour contracts and increased inequality all as a consequence… Read more »
1995: Tony Blair definitively pledges an end to zero hours contracts over two decades ago. In the second ever speech to the Labour Party The labour party was in power in 1998 when zero contracts hour started there was homelessness, poverty and now you say its all to do with the Tories really, they are as bad as each other none of them will do anything about… Read more »