Isle of Wight gritting fleet out on the Island

Island Roads’ winter maintenance team will be undertaking various activities to prepare the service for the cold weather ahead.

snow plough being fitted to front of car

The Island’s winter maintenance gritting fleet will be out and about this weekend (Saturday 26th October) for the annual ‘autumn parade’.

During the day, Island Roads’ winter maintenance team will be undertaking various activities to prepare the service for the cold weather ahead. This included undertaking any required maintenance work to the fleet as well as drivers familiarising themselves with the new gritting routes and any changes in legislation or safety procedures.

1,600 tonnes of salt
Once again, salt stocks have been replenished and around 1,600 tonnes is in store at Stag Lane ready for use. These reserves can be topped up during the winter in the unlikely event more gritting material is required. Last year a total of 494 tonnes was used on the network during 26 runs.

Winter vehicles
The gritting fleet comprises four frontline gritters along with back up and specialist vehicles.

Bespoke weather forecasting for the Island from the MeteoGroup helps Island Roads plan for freezing conditions, along with data provided by weather stations located at Duxmore and Rowridge, which send continuous readings to staff at Island Roads’ based at Daish Way in Newport.

This information is always supplemented by on-the-ground visual inspections from Island Roads staff.

Isle of Wight Gritting Routes for 2019/20

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Thursday, 24th October, 2019 5:23pm



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Benny C
Won’t take them long thanks to the Councils cuts. But it’s ok because Dave Stewart has found lots of money to squander getting yet another survey done on Undercliff Drive to help out a few lucky businesses he knows – and remember he has found cash to raise the pay of his pals, the select band of incompetent Councillors who continue to run the island badly, damage… Read more »

Spot on Benny C, lets get him and his wasters out.


And the police and ambulance services will be out and about familiarising themselves with the re-emergence of the old black ice accident spots no doubt…


Another council disgrace, we should sue them if there are any accidents on untreated roads