Isle of Wight Labour Party calls for Education Task Force

The Isle of Wight Labour Party calls for an educational task force to be set up to look at the problems with schools on the Isle of Wight following the inaccurate and detrimental comments made by Ofsted chair, David Hoare.

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Ed shares this latest from the Isle of Wight constituency Labour Party. Ed

The Isle of Wight Labour Party has condemned remarks made by the Chair of Ofsted about people on the Isle of Wight and is calling for an Educational Taskforce.

Island Labour Secretary, Ed Gouge, said

“We need the Council to set up a Taskforce to look at the problems with our schools instead of a Transport Taskforce which doesn’t seem to be producing anything useful and seems to be biased against keeping the Island Line trains in the South West franchise against the wishes of local people.”

Stewart Blackmore, Labour’s Vice Chair said,

David Hoare is stereotyping people on the Island with clearly no understanding of the issues here. The Isle of Wight suffers from a low wage, low skill economy and so it is not surprising that the aspirations of many pupils are low despite their ability.

“In addition, the management of the Island’s education by Hampshire officers during the Independent administration has not significantly improved standards.

“We need an Educational Taskforce to investigate this and better Government support for the Island and other coastal areas.”

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Monday, 8th August, 2016 4:04pm



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Do we now need a Minister for the Isle of Wight?

The education system is a sorry shambles throughout the country, not just on the Island. Part of it falls at the door of the IW council but the majority of the problems are caused by government policy. The LEA is supposed to have an input on the provision of school places yet all the individual schools are fighting each other for new school buildings and increasing their… Read more »
Rod Manley
No, the people are sick of elitist “Taskforces”, what we need are Political Forums to discuss the future of Society and all of its problems not just education or railway lines. We have enormous problems that require solutions. How can we leave it with the likes of Turner or even Bacon. The most recent statements and so called lists provided by Bacon are inadequate and expose the… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

Wonderful, Rod


Read the above and compare it with the Manifesto ** of the Socialist Labour Party (Leader: Arthur Scargill, (ex-Young Communist) remember him?)

“In simple terms we want a Socialist world – Our demands are not excessive; our demands most moderate are, we only want the Earth.”

** (Google


(peoplesmomentum website) “WHAT DOES MOMENTUM WANT TO DO?
● Organise in every town, city and village *to secure the election of a progressive left Labour Party at every level* , and to create a mass movement for real transformative change”.

Some might call that “entryism”.

Momentum is a movement led by two elitists from privileged backgrounds, portraying themselves as acting on behalf of the working man. One of these people is James Schneider, who grew up in a £7 million mansion thanks to the proceeds of a huge alleged fraud and who voted Green and Lib dem at the last two elections. The other is Jon Lansman who also grew up in… Read more »

Compulsory “Dialectic Materialism” meetings, Rod? :-))


If so, take care with the spelling otherwise, we might get invaded by Scientologists looking for ‘Dianetics Meetings”! :-))

Peter Geach
Why can’t the Island Technical College offer multi-skilled indentured apprenticeships? The ‘College’ has the classrooms, workshops, instructors and lecturers. The College provides National Curriculum courses. Why multi-skill? To improve employment prospects. Many skills in particular trades are complimentary. So how would it work? School leavers sign up at Tech for a 5 year indentured apprenticeship leading to HBTECH quals say.. The apprentice starts off in a trade.… Read more »

I had a meeting where I asked the same question a while back.

The answer simply was that companies want to attract graduates.

The Island needs a university.

Peter Geach
In the middle/late 20th century there was a need for more degree people than were being trained in a buoyant Industry and Commerce. And those who got a good degree got a good job and career. But not all jobs need people educated to degree level; they need other important skills that are developed through quality apprenticeships and the day release at Technical College. Take the Drawing… Read more »