Isle of Wight musicians play Wembley Arena

It must have been a dream come true for four Island musicians as they played to a 6,500 crowd at Wembley Arena last weekend

Isle of Wight musicians Gareth Icke, Tim Pritchard, Claydon Connor and Guy Page have been well-known on the Island music scene for several years.

You’re bound to have seen them perform at Ryde Theatre or Coburgs, maybe on the pub circuit, several times at the Island festivals or even in music venues just across the water.

So we imagine that when they were asked to perform at Wembley Arena, they may have taken a huge collective gulp.

Remember Who You Are
Last Saturday, Island resident David Icke had 6,500 people packed into Wembley Arena for his Remember Who You Are event.

David’s presentation was broken into four sections over the course of day and the musicians played one song at the beginning of each section.

Video diary
Tim kept a video diary (see embedded below) from the moment they set off on the ferry to the end of the day.

It’s well shot and tells a good story, with the anticipation building up in the first half of the short film.

Some way into the video, there’s a great quote from Guy Page, who when asked what was the best part of the day, replied, “when I got a phone call from The Tap in Sandown asking if I could do a last minute gig, and I was able to say sorry mate, I’ve got to play Wembley tonight.”

Not work safe
There are a few instances of swearing in the video, so if you’re easily offended by such things, probably best to give it a miss.

There’s a lovely touch at the end of the video with the tip towards the Lewis Mighty Fund who Tim and Gareth have both been advocates for the cause.

See Tim’s blog entry about the event on his site Talk To Tippers.

Thursday, 1st November, 2012 11:27am



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