Isle of Wight News: January 2012 recap

Rosie guest edits our annual recap series, working her way through 3,000+ articles to bring you a selection for each month of 2012.

Following her work experience with On The Wight in the summer, journalism student Rosie Saban, returns for our annual recap. Ed

We’ve reached the end of 2012, so the time has come for a brief recap of the 12 unique and news-filled months.

Kicking off with January, here is a selection of the articles brought to you by On the Wight, ranging from hard-hitting to a little bizarre:

Like every new Isle of Wight year, for many, it started less with a bang, and more with a brrrrr as hardy Islanders braved the chilly depths in Sandown.

It may seem like a minor change to some, but January 2012 saw a big green leap forward for many Islanders with the changes to rubbish collection and broader recycling.

Others saw less of a leap and more of a green stumble as disorganisation prevailed with collection of recyclables.

Out on the water
Generosity was the name of the game when the RNLI started the year with an anonymous trust donation of £285,000 towards their £1million appeal to help with the new Cowes lifeboat station.

Us Islanders are more adept on the water than most due to our watery surroundings, but Islander Brian Thompson (pictured) went above and beyond this year, smashing the world sailing record.

Boost for business
A new venture was welcomed to Cowes as the new £14.8 million GKN/Rolls Royce aero engine pre-production plant was officially opened.

In one of the more ironic charges made by police this year, an Isle of Wight tax advisor was charged with tax fraud.

Wightlink upped their fees for those that turn up without booking by more than 100%.

Country pickles
The Isle of Wight made another appearance on Countryfile when Jules Hudson presented a series of features from the Island.

And last, but by no means least, January saw the return of the revered and lauded Pickle Wars to Gurnard for the 11th year.

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