Isle of Wight ‘party girl’ publishes book on how to use your partying skills to create amazing change in your life

This Isle of Wight ‘party girl’ has just published her very first e-book, and it could be one of the most unique personal development books on the market. Details within

Portrait of Lauren Ellingham in blue top

Like millions of other women, Lauren Victoria Ellingham used to live for the weekends, feeling that her nights with friends were an opportunity to be her best self, use her most vital skills and embrace contentment that was impossible to find during the week.

However, after a series of profound personal development ‘a-ha’ moments, Ellingham realised she was creating her own mundane life during the work week, and the qualities of her inner party girl could actually help her build the life she dreamt of.

Party Girls on Purpose: Be a Party Queen and a Boss
In her new book, ‘Party Girls on Purpose: Be a Party Queen and a Boss’, Ellingham helps party girls everywhere grab the skills honed by their active social lives, and deploy them holistically in work, relationships, education and every other facet of life.

This book is all about learning to recognise the abilities honed by having an active social life and putting them to use in other areas. It encourages the use of personal development skills that may already be being used unwittingly to create great nights out and using them in daily life to create amazing change and discover a path to a lifestyle others only dream about.

Lauren said,

“For years people asked me when I was going to ‘settle down’, or at least curb my partying, but I told them what I believed – that working hard the regular way just doesn’t get you anywhere.

“I knew there had to be a way to balance my fun side with the need to make money, take work seriously and excel professionally – and then I hit on the formula. This book contains it all.”

Lauren Ellingham and her Unicorn friends mural

Lauren added,

“Most other self-help books are either overly technical, or come from a spiritual/faith-based foundation. I wanted to cut through this noise with something very practical and real – that any woman can deploy with ease.

“When you can work like a boss and have tons of fun at the same time, you’ll be amazed at how your life transforms.”

Worsdell: “Relatable and attainable”
Reviews so far have been extremely positive. Actor Lizzie Worsdell writes,

“I love how the book relates goal setting and motivation to my everyday life. It makes it relatable and attainable rather than isolating people with fancy mumbo jumbo. I love to party and know I’m good at it and I have learnt I can use the skills I have for having a good night out to help me create a great life too.

“Everyday events and situations that are easy to recognize and you can see yourself in and reflect on in your own life, and I love an excuse to bring out the party girl and celebrate my successes.”

Fun-filled guide to creating the life of your dreams
Louisa Shell adds,

“Lauren has written a must read for the dedicated Party girl who wants success in her life not just her night!

“When it comes to attracting what you want there are so many writers that claim their way can make it happen, Lauren’s fun-filled guide to creating the life of your dreams in five simple steps is delightfully fun, opening the mind to believe that every great night out develops your skills for a great life.

“That you have potential to manifest whatever you have ever wanted!”

‘Party Girls on Purpose: Be a Party Queen and a Boss’ is available as an e-book via Amazon.

See Lauren’s Website – Party Girls on Purpose – for more details.

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Friday, 11th December, 2020 6:24pm



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Angela Hewitt

The Pressure. By the time I was forty it was a relief to give up the partying and start to live my life and not the one expected of me

Mr Magoo

Reading this self promotion reminds me of the sales pitch for Trump University.

Sally Perry

We met Lauren many years ago and she even helped us out with some work on VentnorBlog at one point. She’s a loyal reader of NOTW, even when she was travelling abroad.

We were pleased to hear from Lauren this week and chuffed for her that she’s written the book she talked about many years ago.




Whatever you think about partying, this book does seem to contain some generic wisdom: turning your hobby into your career and using your transferrable skills are great ways to get yourself out of a dead-end job and bring job satisfaction, fulfilment.

Lauque – no fan of Amazon from their tax avoidance standpoint and not a Tory voter but it’s Fake News about being made to wear nappies, even if it suits your narrative. Also pretty much every Country in the World wants to make Amazon and other FAANG companies pay more tax. Ironically Brexit, something I didn’t vote for and don’t want actually gives our government a better… Read more »

The link in this Article takes you to Amazon Canada. If you are interested in purchasing this book search For it on Amazon UK..


Who with any moral integrity shops with Amazon?

The same reason virtually everyone buys from corporations – it is generally far cheaper, they have more choice and you usually get it quicker. In this case you can’t even buy the book elsewhere as it’s published by Amazon. It’s all well and good to be pious about such things, but surely you realise that a significant proportion of people barely have enough money to live on?… Read more »

……or you could just make Amazon pay their fair share of tax, but then of course they may choose to no longer support the Conservative Party.


Yes, very much to the point on both counts.

That of course is precisely what I meant by curbing the corporations. That and effective employment laws. This is not unique to Amazon, who may have the most egregious practices at the moment. Yesterday it was someone else and tomorrow it could be someone different. I’m not going to harp on any more, but in case it isn’t obvious to the down voters – I’m not siding… Read more »
Agree with most of your points except the final one. Criticism of specific practices at individual companies is more meaningful than a blanket condemnation of ‘corporations’. Amazon is among the most egregious: a company that forces its employees to resort to wearing nappies due to lack of time to relieve themselves. And that was before Covid; now Amazon refuses to supply PPE or allow time off sick.… Read more »
Highlighting the bad behaviour of specific companies is of course important, but I really don’t see how boycotting a single company does anything to improve the lot of workers at Amazon or anywhere else. In my opinion the only sure fire way to improve anything is to improve the rights of employees (obviously such practises you describe should be illegal generally) along with other measures such as… Read more »
My original point was that some people cannot afford to make such moral choices, but it doesn’t mean they condone it. Citing the local care home again, they had hardly any PPE at the start and they are constantly out of basic personal care items for the residents. They also bullied people into not isolating and forced others to take any time off as holiday. There is… Read more »
peterj, there are some big holes in your arguments. If people are living on the breadline, what are they doing starving their family to buy non-essential items like new books when they can borrow them from a library, like most of us? Buying online from a big corporation is for other reasons: easier, cheaper, quicker, with no thought for the ethics. Some big businesses exploit and abuse… Read more »