Isle of Wight patients offered operations in Southampton

Patients suitable for treatment on the mainland are being identified and will be contacted and offered treatment in Southampton.

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This in from Isle of Wight NHS Trust. Ed

Patients awaiting inpatient surgery at St Mary’s Hospital, Newport may be offered the opportunity to have their treatment with a consultant at the NHS Treatment Centre, in Southampton.

Whilst St Mary’s hospital has been under significant pressure during recent weeks, it has resulted in the cancellation of Elective / Planned surgery, but not urgent or emergency operations

Treatment in Southampton
The Isle of Wight NHS trust is now working with Care UK and the NHS treatment Centre in Southampton to identify patients suitable for inpatient treatment on the mainland, and will be contacting them direct, to discuss their procedures and if they wish to transfer their care to the mainland for the operation.

Patients awaiting surgery requiring an inpatient stay may be contacted from Thursday onwards.

Faster treatment in Southampton
Sarah Hayward, Head of Operational Performance at the Isle of Wight NHS Trust said,

“Patient care is a priority, and the Trust is sorry for anyone who is experiencing a delay in receiving their operation.

“Whilst we will be able increase day surgery here at St Mary’s Hospital on the Island, a number of elective surgeries, requiring a stay of one night or more, may be achieved more quickly at the Southampton NHS Treatment Centre, reducing the delay for patients.”

Patients choosing to be treated in Southampton will have travel costs for the ferry and taxi to and from the centre supported by the NHS Treatment Centre

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Wednesday, 11th January, 2017 3:26pm



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Email updates?
This is a cynical attempt to undermine St Mary’s Hospital. Using shock, awe and crisis to promote offshoring our most valuable IOW NHS. Yes, no doubt measures to get out of a crisis of government making has to come about, but to promote offshoring it has to be condemned. We must have funding NOW and island measures to deal with the crisis,of which is not simply a… Read more »
Paul Schofield
Copy of open letter sent to my Member of Parliament and County Press this afternoon regarding National Health Service: Dear Andrew, Today I watched Theresa May answering questions in Parliament, on the lunchtime news. I am extremely sorry to say that both my wife and I are singularly unimpressed at her total lack of response, lack of strategy, lack of acknowledgement, and apparent lack of care towards… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

Sadly Paul, you will get the usual platitudinous response from an MP who has little compassion and no comprehension of how this country (and his constituency) is suffering under his Government.


Anyone going to the NHS treatment centre in Southampton should be aware that it’s quite a walk to find a taxi. There is a lot of building going on at the Station so the taxi rank isn’t there. If you are fit it’s ok. If you’re not it isn’t ! However once you get there it seemed nice and clean and modern..


I would imagine that most people would require picking up from the Red Jet terminal rather than the station, and would probably pre-book it.


Sorry I was burbling on about the NHS treatment centre in Portsmouth. Age does terrible things to your brain .!
Apologies everyone.


Ah, yes, the Portsmouth Interchange.

Quite a nightmare for travellers at the moment.

There are many people who would not be capable of ferry travel, certainly my parents would not manage any steps or a walk of more than 100 yards. They could not manage steps onto a passenger ferry, in a car ferry, onto a bus or a walk to a taxi. And they have me to help them, what happens to all those pensioners who are on their… Read more »
Philip Hawkins

This is when a fixed link begins to look attractive, but you have to ask yourself which is more cost-effective – that or improving NHS facilities on the Island?

I know which I would go for (and it’s not just because grey squirrels might make it across).

Personally I would prefer easy access to medical facilities, both locally and further afield. Another island, Anglesey had an issue with Grey Squirrels, these were trapped and the Red Squirrel population restored, this in turn was the stimulus to restore the Red Squirrels on the Welsh mainland. There are circumstances under which improved connectivity across the Solent could lead to the restoration of Red Squirrels in the… Read more »

Don’t encourage the fixed linkers………not that they seem to need encouragement.

This is one of the reasons I left the Island for the mainland. As a volunteer I have seen first hand how the elderly are stressed by having to attend Portsmouth or Southampton hospitals. The drive to the ferry, the drive to the hospital and back to the ferry feeling sick after unpleasant treatment. Missing the ferry and having to wait an hour,the drive back home. Approaching… Read more »

One of my worse fears is having both of them unwell and one in Southampton and one on the island. They are in their 90’s and we are saving the NHS/Council a significant amount by supporting them in their own home and now the NHS wants to whip the medical support out from under them.

I can appreciate your dilemma. I have driven elderly patients to St Marys and in many cases it is hard for them. The thought of having to go to the mainland fills them with dread. Then there are those who thought living in West Wight during their active years was idyllic. One partner has died and the one left (usually the wife) is stuck in the middle… Read more »

Hello Chris
Re-locating to the mainland is an interesting idea. You must have researched the areas. Would you like to share the best spots you found, hopefully not too expensive housing. Thanks

It wasn’t a question of the best spots but to be nearer family in the Midlands. I now have a choice within easy reach of being treated in Walsall, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Birmingham x 3 centres and other places. Beats getting on a ferry plus taxis and then reversing the procedure. All this when not feeling well. Some of the patients I have driven have been visibly upset… Read more »