Isle of Wight Police put extra officers on the beat to enforce Covid rules

Isle of Wight Police have announced that they extra officers conducting Covid patrols and enforcement on the Island. Details within

Police van and pedestrians

Isle of Wight Police say they have have additional officers conducting Covid patrols and enforcement on the Island.

A post on Facebook by Sgt Radford explains that this includes supermarkets, ferry terminals, beauty spots and where necessary, they will be stopping vehicles. This is not an exhaustive list.

He also says that officers will be attending suspected incidents where the law around Covid is being breached.

Taking a tougher stance on Covid enforcement
Sgt Radford says,

“These officers, as well as the regular teams will also be taking a tougher stance on Covid enforcement. I will also be working some of these dedicated duties and I will expect the public to be wearing masks in shops, although shops are enforcing this, if I see you are not wearing one I will be asking you why.

“I can understand that if you have a medical condition this might feel intrusive but we are at a point in the pandemic where this is necessary.”

Friendly interaction
He went on to add,

“Any interaction with the police involving masks would be constructive and handled with sensitivity. This might be the first time anyone has had interaction with an officer.

“I don’t intend to make anyone feel belittled or upset, it would be a quick interaction.

“I love talking and engaging with the public and it would be friendly.”

It is also important to know that just because the Covid rules say that you can do something, doesn’t mean that you should. I have seen first hand the effects of Covid on healthy men and women of all ages and I am personally taking every precaution and limiting every interaction.

Ignore the trolls
Sgt Radford is also keen to encourage Islanders get the vaccine as soon as it is offered,

“When you are offered a vaccination, get one. Do not let fake news or ‘trolls’ try to spread false and malicious information.

“The only way we are getting out of this is for everyone to have a vaccination.”

He also reminds parents that they are responsible for their children. If they are under 18 and not adhering to the law, as a parent or carer you will be responsible and you may be issued with a fine.

To find out more about guidelines visit the Government Website.

You can also read the 400+ comments from the public on the Facebook post.

Image: J D Mack under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 15th January, 2021 12:12pm



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10 Comments on "Isle of Wight Police put extra officers on the beat to enforce Covid rules"

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Police patrols at ferry terminals enforcing covid rules???

Surely not?

Bit late now isn’t it Superintendent Sarah Jackson, with a run away infection rate on the island and after numerous deaths?


yep, miraculous isn’t it.

A police chief with zero credibility, just what the island needed.

Jenny Smart

If police were not needed at the ferry ports a few weeks ago, why are they suddenly needed now?


Police were needed at ferry ports during the first and second lockdown.
For some unknown reason they failed to stop all but essential travel and freight, coming to, and leaving the Island.
Maybe now we are up sh.t street, with the 5th highest infection rate in the country has something to do with them now taking action?

Given the rate of Covid infection on the island, our hospital so stretched they are having to consider fly patients off the island, so many deaths in recent days, and knowing I and my police officers did absolutely nothing to police movement on and off the island, I would realise my position was no longer tenable, and my continuing presence in any position of authority was an… Read more »

Why hasn’t this woman gone? Her skin must be thicker than a rhinoceros

Rhos yr Alarch

The difference between December and January is that in December Covid rates were higher on the mainland, now they are considerably higher on the Island than neighbouring mainland areas. Presumably the impetus has come from the mainland areas so that their areas are protected – so tragic there was so little attention paid when the situation was the other way round…


Well there certainly hasn’t been any ‘impetus’ for our island police chief, who has been totally asleep on the job!


Where are the police who we pay extortionate money for?


As, from Monday, no one will be allowed to enter the UK unless they can
prove they haven’t got it then isolate for ten days, wouldn’t it be very easy to enforce the same rule on the Island ?