Isle of Wight tech company announces new CRM mapping software

The idea of mapping software is not new, but the cloud-based service that MyCRM have announced will help businesses make better use of the data they hold.

mapsimise map with crm data

Isle of Wight based technology company, MyCRM, has just launched groundbreaking new mapping software to help businesses build targetted mailing lists and sales team plan appointments.

Mapsimise enables businesses to connect live data from their Customer relationship management software to create representative maps.

Dickinson: A new approach
CEO, Alistair Dickinson, explains,

“Mapping and geospatial tools are not a new invention, but what is new is the approach we have taken with Mapsimise to build and offer a cloud-based cost-effective service.

“Any business will be able to adopt these tools on a minimal budget, offering a quicker return on any investment made. This, in turn, helps businesses to make better use of address-based data across business functions on a daily basis.”

Offering greater functionality for businesses
Alistair went on to add,

“For the last decade MyCRM has been helping business customers to incorporate mapping functions in order to boost marketing and sales activities.

“In 2017, we decided the time had come to build a software service that would give far greater functionality for business owners; one that would connect to a range of CRM and database systems giving users easy access to mapping tools.”

Register as early adopter
The software will be released later this year, but registration for early adopters opens this month.

See the Mapsimise Website for more detail.

Friday, 23rd August, 2019 12:49pm



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