Isle of Wight 31st most UKIP-friendly Conservative seat in country says Uni research

The Island is not just the 31st most ‘UKIP-friendly Conservative seat’ in the UK, but 4th in the South East claims IW UKIP Chair.

Nigel Farage

Research carried out by Dr Robert Ford of the University of Manchester and Dr Matthew Goodwin of the University of Nottingham has resulted in a list of the ‘Top 100 UKIP friendly Conservative seats’.

The list is of the “most demographically receptive seats in the country for UKIP”. Using the most recent census data, they were able to rank all seats according to how favourable their populations are for UKIP.

The Isle of Wight, which had a Conservative majority of 10,527 in the 2010 election, can be found in position 31 on the list.

The 2013 local elections on the Isle of Wight saw UKIP field a whopping 28 candidates. From those, Darryl Pitcher in Wootton and Graham Perks in Ventnor East, gained enough votes to now sit on the Isle of Wight council.

Fourth in the South East
Rose Lynden-Bell, chair of the IW branch of the UKIP told OnTheWight,

“The research is interesting. Nationally the IOW has been rated 31/100, but if one takes the South East Region only, it is more interesting. Of the top ten ‘UKIP friendly’ seats in this region, all are coastal ; six are in Kent, two in Sussex, one in Hampshire, plus The Island.

“The Island is now in fourth place. This is encouraging, and all our activists will be working hard to support our Candidate through his campaign.”

The prospective parliamentary candidate
Last November, Iain McKie from West Wight was announced as UKIP’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the 2015 general election.

Iain told OnTheWight,

“I have never thought of the Island as anything other than a winnable seat for UKIP. That does not mean to say that I think it is easily winnable though. For UKIP to take this seat in May 2015 I will have to work incredibly hard, and listen carefully to the concerns of all the residents.

“UKIP’s resounding success in the Euro elections this year demonstrated that we have made convincing arguments concerning the UK’s membership of the European Union and on issues of immigration, but we have to have our ears fully open on all the local issues as well. This means the schools, the job prospects and economic growth on the Island, the cost of living, the health service, care for the elderly, as well as the roads, and the ferries.

“I have already begun setting out my proposals for community hospitals, and support for a ‘fracking referendum’ on the Island, and over the coming months I will be clarifying my position on all other issues relevant to the Island.”

You can read more about Drs Ford and Goodwin’s research on the Conservative Home Website.

Image: Euro Realist Newsletter under a CC BY 2.0 license

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14 Comments on "Isle of Wight 31st most UKIP-friendly Conservative seat in country says Uni research"

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Mr Einsteins Ghost

If true, depressing but hardly surprising. We live on a beautiful island but sadly, many here live harking back to some silly English view of utopia that never actually existed anyway.

Mark Francis
Yurrs! A Morris Minor in every garage! “Farage” Class Battle cruisers patrolling the ocean main, their mighty prows cleaving the icy waves of the far flung waters of Empire! Invade Suez, not Syria! Cliff Richard & Vera Lynn top of the pops again! Bristol Brabazon airliners soaring overhead, their white vapour trails stitching the blue yonder. Warm beer, bicycles with baskets on the front! Jovial cockneys offering… Read more »

Some of what UKIP stands for resonates with what some of the population currently thinks, otherwise they would not have won council or EU seats.

I put it down to all of the main parties being out of touch with the electorate and agreeing to stuff that many of the electorate do not.

That’s what elections are for.

UKIP are not the only national party you can vote for if you want a referendum but cannot face voting for any of the big three parties. The Green Party are also saying that for the sake of democracy we should have a referendum on membership of the EU – among lots of other policies to improve social equality, energy security for our nation and quality local… Read more »
kevin barclay-jay

idiots can say what they want….truth is before minor election their popularity soars and crashes straight after..they are back to 11%…complain as much as they like, they are the protest vote and General elections will continue to frustrate them. No doubt they will pick up a few seats around the country, but never enough to do any real damage to this country (thank god)


Quote “but never enough to do any real damage to this country ”

Where have you been for the last few years? Out of the country? Have the last two parliaments not done any damage, then?

That’s why UKIP get support.

Steve Goodman
And why half or more of Scottish voters might be voting for a change from ‘austerity’ cuts to bail out failed bankers, unfair bedroom tax, damaging health service privatisation, the extra costs of PFI, expensive & inefficient rail franchising, growing inequality & foodbank need, forcing terminally ill people to work, trashing our planet, & generally doing the bidding of a transnational elite owing no loyalty & paying… Read more »

I for one can’t wait for a UKIP MP on the Island of Wight putting this place on the map and finally having an elected representative that has the interests of every Islander as his priority.


Is this not the blogger who states elsewhere the current council is composed of ” loony left liberal no hopers”.?

Vote UKIP get “Tory-Hard-Right”?

Stewart Blackmore
I’d like to see the statistics used in this ‘research’; were any offered in evidence? At the European elections UKIP got 14,533 (12.86%) of the votes (out of 113,000 possible votes) on a disappointing 31.8% turnout. Ian McKie says that he has already started to outline his proposals and offers a referendum on fracking and building so-called community hospitals. He might like to respond to my letter… Read more »
@Stewart Why would UKIP be able to cost any policy? None of the other parties bothers to genuinely do that. It’s all made up on the hoof. Most recent example? School dinners for the under 7s. Costing councils up and down the country millions they haven’t got. What we have in parliament now is bunches of inept politicians who are in it for as much as they… Read more »

Don’t forget the self-awarded 10% pay increase , i.e. 5 times RPI!

The “We” in “We are all in this together”is limited to the 1300 or so denizens of the Palace of Westminster (635 elected MPs and 650+ unelected peers.)

The problem with the ‘kippers is what lies beneath the glossy surface. My belief is that Farage is a puppet who will be pushed aside once/if UKIP get any real power. Then we will see the true face of the ‘kippers. That is the face that occasionally pops its head above the parapet to make unpleasant far-right remarks. These are just the ‘kippers that fail to put… Read more »

UKIP has learned how to blog-watch by the looks of it! :-)