IWC back-pedaling on charging for overnight on-street parking – Guess what they claimed

Despite the charges being widely-reported in the media and debated fervently on social media, last night – nine days later – Ian Ward rolled out this excuse for them now back-pedaling on overnight on-street parking charges.

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At last night’s Isle of Wight council cabinet meeting, it was revealed there is no intention to charge for overnight on-street parking, as stated in the draft budget proposals.

The proposals which were released at the end of last month stated that the council planned to introduce a £1 overnight parking charge for on-street parking on the Island.

‘A typo’
It was confirmed last night by the Cabinet member responsible, Cllr Ian Ward, that this should have stated the charge was for ‘off-street chargeable areas’.

It’s not known why the council took so long to correct the error, given how widely reported it has been in the media over the last nine days.

Image: alfmelin under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 9th November, 2018 12:24pm



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Email updates?
Ah, politicians, don’t you just love them? Does no-one at the IWC proof read anything before issuing it? However, in the towns where there is not enough on-street parking, many residents use the off-street parking over night and then vacate the spaces when going to work in the morning before 8am. It isn’t really a choice, more a neccessity as there are not enough on-street spaces. Are… Read more »
Mr Magoo

Talking of typos, should backpeddling be backpedaling?


Surely, Sally, it’s back-pedalling? Sorry to be pedantic…