January a ‘testing time’ for highway maintenance teams says councillor

Island Roads say their winter maintenance crews have just dealt with their busiest month ever in terms of winter maintenance activity.

Cllr Gilbey:

Gavin shares this latest news on behalf of Island Roads. Ed

Island Roads crews have dealt with their busiest month ever in terms of winter maintenance activity.

During January, 14 gritting runs were undertaken using around 400 tonnes of salt/grit. On January 12 alone, 100 tonnes were used on three separate runs as heavy rain throughout the day turned to ice at night.

30 staff used
Nearly 30 winter maintenance staff were used during the month which also saw high winds and heavy rainfall, as well as freezing conditions.

Despite the heavy use of salt in January, the stocks remain high and there will be plenty left in reserve for the rest of the season.

Gilbey: January “a very testing time”
Cllr Jon Gilbey, IW Council member responsible for the highways PFI, said:

“January was a very testing time and I was very pleased with the response from Island Roads’ winter maintenance teams.

“Their staff were doing their work to keep the highways gritted in some awful weather and I am grateful for their efforts.”

Friday, 3rd February, 2017 8:25am


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Impressive numbers, as was the huge amount of our money we paid them for the work.


I would indeed imagine that stocks of salt are high as many routes were left untreated. Whilst understanding that not every road can be treated there are still a large number of well used routes that are left icy and dangerous especially first thing in the morning.


Whoopee! Gritting aside can Councillor Gilbey ask Island Roads if they remember where Ventnor is? Our roads seem to have been abandoned. I’d ask local councillor Stubbings but he’s the invisible man when it comes to his own town.

Alan Price

I can you are as much of a fan of Steve as I am, it appears he is not as passionate about his constituency as he leads us all to believe…

Steephill Jack

Plenty of salt gritting where I live in Ventnor West, which is Cllr Stubbings patch.

steve stubbings

Please feel free to get in touch.
My number is on the council website.

steve stubbings

you were in some rush to get that one out, weren’t you? ;-)



It’s love at first slight, Steve.

You might even get a valentines card soon. ;)


They’ll be even busier repairing roads if the Cons have their way make Island Roads use cheaper materials ( this weeks County Depressed)….


Yet another example of this GREAT P.F.I. contract our brain dead council signed up for.