Jon Gilbey

Jon Gilbey was elected in the 2013 Isle of Wight council elections to represent the people of Shanklin.

He held a role as an Executive member for Highways PFI, but decided to stand down when Richard Priest was sacked from the Executive.

Jon Gilbey runs a cafe in Shanklin called Paramount Cafe.

He became Executive member for Major contracts management (PFI and Waste) in January 2017 under the leadership of Conservative, Dave Stewart.

He stood at the May 2017 council elections, but failed to keep his seat, so also lost his Executive member position too, enabling him to focus on running his cafe.

Anti-social behaviour blighting town, say Shanklin councillors

police officer

The Police and Crime Commissioner has been invited to visit the Bay area to meet with local people and discuss the crime and anti-social behaviour problems blighting the town.

Thursday, 2nd May, 2019 4:48pm

By Megan Baynes, Local Democracy Reporter with one comment

Cllrs Priest and Gilbey: Police investigation into electoral law breach

richard priest and jon gilbey

The election material of the Shanklin councillors has been investigated and reviewed by senior police within Gold Command. It's been found there "certainly has been a breach" of electoral law.

Thursday, 27th April, 2017 6:07pm

By Sally Perry with 50 readers' comments

‘Short sighted’ PFI budget saving means no ‘gold standard’ for roads

golden road

Cllr Lumley says the £200k 'saving' which could result in roads falling apart from day one after the PFI contract expires is short-sighted and "badly letting down the Island who were promised so much by Eddie Giles and his pals”.

Monday, 6th March, 2017 2:03pm

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments

January a ‘testing time’ for highway maintenance teams says councillor

Cllr Gilbey:

Island Roads say their winter maintenance crews have just dealt with their busiest month ever in terms of winter maintenance activity.

Friday, 3rd February, 2017 8:25am

By Gavin Foster with 10 readers' comments

Isle of Wight Council’s new Executive revealed in full

New executive

It looks like the rumours we published were right. Here's the full list of the now-expanded Executive of the Isle of Wight council, following Conservative Dave Stewart being voted in as Leader this week.

Friday, 20th January, 2017 11:14am

By IW Council Press Office with 105 readers' comments

Council agree £800,000 for new Shanklin cliff lift

Shanklin Cliff Lift

The initial scope of the works was to refurbish the Cliff lift motor room and original, 1957, machinery. The programme now incorporates a complete overhaul of the lift cars, pulleys, winches and motor machinery, costing around £800,000.

Thursday, 3rd March, 2016 11:10am

By IW Council Press Office with 21 readers' comments

Letter: How can your councillor represent you if they leave meetings early?

Empty seats :

During Wednesday's full council meeting, several councillors upped and left before the end of the meeting, missing an important vote on how the council handles applications for fracking on the Isle of Wight. One reader was disgusted enough at their actions that she's shared the letter she sent them the next day.

Friday, 22nd January, 2016 3:05pm

By Kay Smith with 53 readers' comments

Why does this councillor consistently park on double yellow lines, but apparently never gets a ticket?

Many photos of Jon Gilbey parking on Yellow lines - x

The Isle of Wight councillor who introduced the removal of many free car parks and increased parking charges has himself been freely parking on double yellow lines. We've got the photos. I asked him at a public meeting - he didn't deny it.

Wednesday, 1st April, 2015 4:58pm

By Simon Perry with 89 readers' comments

Select Committee to discuss £30,000 parking strategy contract

Sandown explanade -

We'll be reporting live from the meeting tonight. Tune in from 5pm for the live updates if you want to see what the new Select Committee chaired by Cllr Jon Gilbey has to say about parking.

Thursday, 26th March, 2015 10:02am

By Sally Perry with 14 readers' comments

Cllr Julia Baker-Smith voted as chair of the planning committee


The vote was incredibly close with Independent councillor, Julia Baker Smith, winning by just one vote.

Friday, 17th October, 2014 11:49am

By Sally Perry with 85 readers' comments

Head of legal advised Cllrs Priest and Gilbey to stay away from funding paper, but they didn’t

Exit signs:

A leaked set of email exchanges in front of all IWC councillors asks why Cllr Gilbey and Priest involved themselves at all with the Rush Close controversy after Head of Legal had advised not to. The chair of Scrutiny questions the extent of their 'acquaintanceships'.

Wednesday, 15th October, 2014 4:36pm

By Sally Perry with 5 readers' comments

Facts and truth ‘distorted out of all recognition’ claims Cllr Stubbings

County Hall with Priest and Gilbey

Details that first appeared as comments with OnTheWight, were, for the first time, heard in the council chamber last night. Cllr Stubbings laid out in detail his sequence of events, "to put the record straight in the public arena".

Friday, 3rd October, 2014 12:23pm

By Sally Perry with 70 readers' comments