Don’t miss latest exhibition by acclaimed photographer Julian Winslow

Julian’s latest exhibition, REGATTA 139, can be see at Seaview Hotel from 25th October.

Regatta 139

Regatta 139, is the new exhibition by acclaimed Island photographer Julian Winslow.

Depicting the joyful side of friendly rivalry at the annual Seaview Village Regatta, it also highlights the powerful forces of family bonds, inner strength and community.

The regatta now in its 139th year, features swimming, diving, sailing, rowing and the notorious greasy pole. Julian explains,

“I approached the regatta from a different viewpoint. There’s an image of a group of people getting ready to push their boat out to sea and its timeless quality struck me.

“It’s a classic scene that connects fishermen, warriors, refugees and seafarers alike and is made more relevant by the fact that the village was founded by maritime pilots. It’s candid and simple yet for me extremely profound.”

Striking images
Julian uses a tilt shift lens for many of the photographs to create a line of focus,

“I want to draw attention to a gesture, action or activity – the little girl pointing, evokes a childhood memory where, for a new generation, life is full of wonder and possibilities.”

A striking image of a beach race depicts the seconds before crossing the line. A range of emotions: determination, envy, happiness and anticipation are visible on the runner’s faces.

In contrast a series of three diving images are shot in sharp focus and show that crystal moment of commitment and self-belief.

Julian says,

“I was tempted to hang the divers upside down as to me they are like stills from a dream – breaking out of this world.”

A distinctive perspective of the Regatta
Hotel manager, Tracy Mikich, says,

“Julian’s photographs give a distinctive perspective of the Regatta, making you rethink the subject matter.

“We have enjoyed working with him and plan to bring more exhibitions and events from island artists to the hotel throughout the year.”

Julian’s background
Julian, an Island boy, says he likes to see and discover the best in others, attended Medina High School before working alongside experimental gardeners, Chris Kidd and Simon Goodenough, at Ventnor Botanic Garden.

There he developed a passion for photography, documenting the extraordinary and alluring world of plants.

Julian has now been a commercial photographer for some 12 years and his commissions have taken him around the world, taking portraits of celebrities, rock stars and royalty.

This summer he won the ‘Self’ competition at the Quay Arts.

Image: © With kind permission of Julian Winslow

Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014 3:17pm



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Great picture of Lois Johnson winning the Seaview Regatta diving competition 2014 – it’s a really fantastic shot.