Kiln-dried Isle of Wight firewood logs now available from Chessell Woodyard

Chessell Woodyard are now doing kiln-dried firewood, giving you more heat from your logs. They’re better for the environment too. More details within

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The cold weather has certainly set in for winter on the Isle of Wight now, so if you have a woodburner or open fire, you’ll be wanting to make sure you’re stocked up for the festive season and beyond.

The team behind Chessell Woodyard, who logs OnTheWight have used for over ten years, have recently added kiln-dried logs to their product range and there are lots of benefits to choosing this option when placing your firewood order.

Why kiln-dried wood?
As well as being much better for the environment, kiln-dried logs guarantee you’ll be able to get your fire going more easily.

Not only that, but they also and provide a much better heat.

A bag of kiln dried logs

By introducing kiln-dried logs, Chessell Woodyard are getting ahead of legislation set out in the UK Government’s Clean Air Strategy 2019.

How it works
The logs go through the process of being dried in a kiln, then the moisture content is measured. Approved Wood Fuel Merchant certification markThey’ll then go through that cycle again until the moisture level is down to 15 per cent.

The whole process takes between one to two weeks to complete.

As well as this new offer from Chessell Woodyard, they have also become an approved Woodfuel Merchant.

Customers buying firewood from a scheme member can have the confidence that the wood fuel is correctly described and that the merchant will be able to provide basic advice on the safe and efficient use of a wood burning appliance.

Firewood range
Check the Chessell Woodyard Website for full details, but they have a great firewood range to choose from.

This includes Premium Hardwood logs that come seasoned and are ready to use. A mix of Ash, Oak, Beech and Birch the logs are felled locally and then seasoned for 12 months before being processed into forestry drying bags for an additional six months

From their very own milling operations Chessell now mill their own hardwoods, to leave a chunkier log. The Oak Milled Logs are partially seasoned in forestry drying bags and you will need to carry on the seasoning process to get the moisture content to 15-20% for the ideal burn.

All log deliveries arrive on the Transit Tipper and logs come in the bags but will be tipped loose. Chessell offer log stacking into your log store for an additional £15 per bag.

Contact details
Chessell Woodyard
Newport Road
Chessell PO30 4JP
Tel: 01983 555068

Opening hours
Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
Saturday 8am – 1pm

Winter 2019-20 prices
Seasoned Hardwood Logs
Delivered: 1 bag logs £95; 2 bags logs £185; 3 bags logs £275; 4 bags logs £360

Stacking service: £15 per bag
Nets: £5 each collected or 8 nets for £39
Kindle: 3 nets for £10 collected or delivered with bag order.

Kiln Dried Logs
Delivered: 1 bag £110; 2 bags £215; 3 bags £318; 4 bags £420; 10 nets £70; 20 nets £130
Nets collected: £6 a net; 8 nets £47 or 8 nets and a net of kindle for £50

Oak milled logs and softwood logs
Delivered: 1 bag Oak Milled logs £80; 1 bag softwood logs £60 each
All prices inc VAT

Image: sykes_cottages under CC BY 2.0

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