Kyle Newton, Island magician, appeals for help

Media Studies student Kyle Newton is looking for events or venues that might be able to help him complete his final project


Readers may remember Kyle Newton who spent a week with us back in March 2011 for his VI Form work experience. Kyle has been in touch with an appeal that he hopes On The Wight readers may be able to help with. In his own words. Ed

I’m a student/professional magician, in my final year at the Isle of Wight College, studying Media Production and am looking for venues and current events going on around the UK.

For my final major project I’ve been set the task of creating any style of video and so, have chosen to do a fly-on-the-wall documentary following a semi-professional close up magician’s life, the magician being myself.

This’ll not only include the performance side of being a magician, but also how my life has led up to where I am today, and where it’ll take me in the future.

Appeal for events and venues
I’m currently looking for lively venues and events that’d be interested in featuring a magician for the evening and allowing my crew to film also.

The deadline is mid-March and so it’s short notice, but if you feel you may fit the criteria and would want to get involved (as well as your name/business in the credits) then you can message me via my email:

Fancy getting involved?
Additionally, if you’d want to get involved in the filming or post-production side of the documentary for experience, it is something I’m also considering right now.

So to sum up, if you own a business, have an event with 20+ people attending, are skilled in photography/filming, have experience with Adobe Première, or you’re a musician looking to get their tracks featured – send over a message and I’ll get you on board!

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get some exposure for their venue, and also any experience to put down on your C.V.

To find out more information about my magic you can also visit my website:

Friday, 25th January, 2013 1:28pm



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