Land Fill Planned For Wellow

April F. Ool reports on a possible site for the Island’s new land fill.

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Land Fill Planned For WellowMany Islanders will remember the shocking news released last year that in just three years time, the landfill at Lynnbottom Civic Amenity Site would be full.

Yes folks, full up to the brim, no room in the Inn.

As Simon reported in January, when you say “throw that way” there is no such place as “away”.

The time will come very soon when the landfill is full, so what happens next?

New site at Wellow?
We’ve been informed this morning that a new location has been earmarked for the next landfill site – somewhat surprisingly the name that’s been suggested to us is Wellow.

All those fair folk who objected to the wind turbines blighting their land all those years ago, are going to be pretty fed up when they hear this news.

We expect that anyone who has recently bought property in the area will be mightily peeved that this one didn’t show up on the Solicitor’s search report.

Image: m.eckelberg

Wednesday, 1st April, 2009 9:26am



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Excellent. What a fantastic business opportunity. The Island is large enough to import the rubbish from the rest of the UK, for a charge. If the council act they could secure the contracts and reduce the council tax bills for residents to zero. Oh, to have a few more pennies is surely worth living in a bighted landscape? The wind turbines everywhere will give us free electric,… Read more »