Latest number of trees given approval to be cut down on the Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight council say the latest number of trees given approval to be felled is not as high as they would expect at this time of year

tree cut down with chainsaw

The subject of trees being cut down is one that Islanders feel very strongly about, the most recent to attract attention being a 150-year-old oak tree on land in Seaview now owned by Eton College to make way for a possible new housing development.

The latest report of planning decisions for applications to fell trees on the Isle of Wight sees permission granted for nine trees to be cut down.

A variety of applications
There are 18 applications for varying permissions, some for coppicing (cut back to ground level periodically to stimulate growth), others for pollarding (cut off the top and branches of to encourage new growth at the top) and although nine trees receiving approval in one week for felling might sound high, the Isle of Wight council says it’s not for this time of year.

IWC: Would expect more applications at this time of year
A spokesperson for Isle of Wight council explained,

“Generally we would expect more applications at this time of year, as we are outside of bird nesting season, so works can be undertaken without this restriction. We are also clearing a backlog created by lockdown, when site visits were not possible.”

Many require replacement trees
They went on to add,

“Furthermore, we have experienced some substantial storms and high winds recently which will often result in more applications. We are now displaying these decisions differently, so they may not have previously appeared.

“Where permission has been granted, many require the replanting of replacement trees.”

You can check the latest list of planning decisions via the Isle of Wight council’s planning portal.

Image: Markus Spiske under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 21st October, 2020 4:18pm



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We have been given permission to fell a mature Ash tree dying with Ash disease. There must be many more sadly.
Someone moved in locally and having been fined £2000 for felling trees without permission was heard to say it was worth it for the sea view. I’m afraid this happens too frequently.

You cannot replace a mature native tree that has taken hundreds of years to grow, sheltering and providing food for a great diversity of wildlife, some of which are rare, endangered. Lack of understanding and respect for trees is endemic in our profit-driven culture that treats them like disposable commodities rather than the wonderful ecosystems that they are. Tolkien was partly right. Recent scientific studies find that… Read more »
To understand more about the amazing new research into tree behaviour, and to appreciate their complexity and great value as ecosystems, read Peter Wohlleben’s The Hidden Life of Trees, available from Isle of Wight libraries and good bookshops. Furthermore, humans ignore the value of trees at their peril. Felling trees and destroying hedgerows on our uplands, where rainfall is high, leads to soil erosion that silts up… Read more »
Mark L Francis

J.R.R. Tolkien

“I thought all the trees were whispering to each other, passing news and plots along in an unintelligible language; and the branches swayed and groped without any wind. They do say the trees do actually move, and can surround strangers and hem them.” – Tolkien