Latest satellite images show weather front ‘resembling look of a hurricane’

There is a weather front coming in that, from the satellite image resembles the look of a hurricane

Stormy View over Freshwater Bay by Jamie Russell 1

The Isle of Wight Met Service have issued a weather warning for tonight.

They forecast showery rain (between 12-18mm overnight) with strong winds, gusting to 68mph.

Resembling the look of a hurricane
As the weather front approaches, one of the forecasters said the latest satellite image resembles the look of a hurricane.

“The low pressure area is that huge swirl out to our west. You can see the big mass of rain bearing cloud running ahead of it with showers following in behind (the blobby looking cloud) and a clearer slot towards the centre of the system.”

Satellite image of the weather front moving in
© IW Met Service

Find out more
Head over to their Website for the full forecast and make sure you batten down the hatches before you go to bed.

You can also follow IW Met Service on Facebook for regular updates and discussion.

Image: © Jamie Russell Island Visions

Wednesday, 12th February, 2020 12:31pm



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Authur Sausage

We heard this a few years ago & tv weather man denied it?
Can we believe it this time I personally believe not.