Letter: A massive cultural change is needed at the ballot box

This reader believes the people can help create a massive cultural change, assigning “present day miscreants to the dust of time”

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This from Hans Bromwich, Cowes. Ed

Britain is reaping the price of being ruled by a privileged, self entitled, elite, many of whom have never had to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, under this order, the Country has moved more and more towards prioritising an ‘easy money’ economy, be it as a world exemplar in laundering funny money through the City of London, or by becoming increasingly a service economy, where we produce very little ourselves, favouring the much cheaper option of getting other nations to manufacture pretty much everything we need.

As a consequence we’ve lost contact with many of our industrial roots and perhaps foolishly allowed ourselves to become a country that now finds itself with increasing vulnerabilities.

The game
The strengths and weaknesses of the current economic model are well understood and frequently exploited. To give just one example, consultants and consultancies are often amongst those with a shrewd understanding. Over the last decade many have had a field day capitalising on the inadequacies and lack of intimate knowledge of those in power.

So, when it comes to say, commissioning, the name of the game is to get politicians and Whitehall mandarins to write the brief, knowing their real life expertise, more often than not, will be severely limited, if it exists at all. Then deliver precisely what they specified within a watertight legal framework.

Worked to ‘their’ specifications
When things, surprise surprise, don’t perform to expectations, you can argue you provided the product precisely to ‘their’ specifications. More often than not you can rely on more lucrative work to address any subsequent issues, with those who commissioned the disaster becoming increasingly desperate to cover up their failings, and willing to throwing more and more money at it, (particularly if it’s taxpayers money), in an attempt to conceal their incompetence. 

This gameplay can be witnessed across National and local Government, in addition to many non commercial organisations, it’s a means of plundering taxpayer coffers, and ferreting away huge sums of money, often into distant offshore tax havens. 

What’s the solution?
Well that’s down to the people, and the ballot box, but a massive cultural change is clearly needed, with present day miscreants and all their playmates assigned to the dust of time.

Image: secretlondon under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 10th August, 2020 2:42pm


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Yes, I agree Hans but where are all the sensible, honest, practical, experienced, and educated candidates who will stand for government, national and local. Where, for example, on our island can we find people to lead us who can ensure that a chain ferry is well specified, designed, procured and built. I know it has no sail and has two prows and no stern, but that is… Read more »

Only last week we discovered the Government had paid £150m for PPE face masks that had to be scraped by the NHS because the design was wrong.

Laughable if it wasn’t so serious,


One would like to think that many of these costly errors come from stupidity, naivety, or a lack of common sense, but no one can be that totally incompetent, surely? So, are they deliberate? and are Boris’s chums simply emptying the treasury chest?

As they say, follow the money.


If they had any sense, they would flog them on Ebay. They’re probably fine for general use.

Agreed. The problem we have now is there is so little knowledge and capability in government that the squadrons of outsourcers, consultants and the rest know that in the end one of them will get the work. And then they perform to the contract ( or even under it) knowing there will be extensions, additions and even payments for failure. They can even behave illegally ( as… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

PS. Just stop buying stuff. Hit their pockets. That will frighten them-up-there. But, everyone has to partake. Just look at the people around you (not those that agree with you) – can you see them doing it?? I can’t. My Doctor, my solicitor, the shop assistants, the bankers, the builder, the policeman, the vet, the teacher, the charity worker??? None of them will stop buying stuff.

Jenny Smart

You are dead right Angela, buying more and more stuff doesn’t make you happier, it just fills your garage and loft, if you have one, with more and more crap.

Put your time and effort in people and protecting our most precious resource, our natural environment.

I fail to understand how The (big cons) Conservatives got in again -their record is appalling. At the present time there is little we can do about it.However we could stop buying goods made in China. Everything from handcream to handbags birthday cards to brooms. I think some people would be shocked to find how much of the stuff they own is “Made in China”. If we… Read more »

…..and might I add, please stop buying of Amazon.

If you are looking at something on Amazon they will list the name of the supplier, go directly to the suppliers website, it is often no more expensive and occasionally cheaper.

I don’t think the competence of our politicians has changed much over the years. What has changed is communication and the advent of the internet which has enabled anyone to access information and to make their own judgements. Whereas before it would be Mr.Angry from Tunbridge Wells penning a letter to the Daily Telegraph, now it is forums and social media that bring instant comment on news.… Read more »

If you think you have the answers and could therefore run the IWC more efficiently, I look forward to seeing your name on the next ballot paper.


My lame dog could run the IWC more efficiently


So I guess your name will be on the ballot paper in its stead will it?


Interestingly Dominic Cummings expresses the same frustration as the author, believing there needs to be massive change in the Civil Service, with those promoted because they attended the right school replaced by experts taken from commerce and industry, in order to get things moving more rapidly and government policies implemented without being undermined.

Ah yes, Dominic Cummings, that model of truth and probity. Let’s see. Seven government contracts together worth nearly £1m have been awarded to a single artificial intelligence startup called Faculty, an outfit that just so happened to have worked for Dominic Cummings on the Vote Leave campaign. Interestingly, the government minister tasked with promoting the use of digital technology has a £90,000 shareholding in it. Faculty’s chief… Read more »
Angela Hewitt
It’s all a dream and will never happen. Change won’t happen because we are stuck in a situation that is historic, obsessive, brainwashed, gender controlled, money controlled, greed controlled, selfish controlled, fear controlled and no one is prepared to make the sacrifice. They watch what happens to anarchists in other countries and they feel the fear. Best to keep quiet and accept your lot – as the… Read more »

Clearly written by someone quite potty.


No, ut by somebody with a point of view different from yours perhaps. Is that “potty” as you put it? I don’t think so, it is a freedom to say how that person thinks things should be. Put your own argument if you like but don’t just disparage. (It is sad that I have had to say that twice on this forum inside a week).


apologies, it should be “but” above


There is no attempt at a reasoned argument nor any evidence provided by the author, just a series of wild and incongruous rants. Clearly the work of someone quite potty and desperate to be heard despite offering no alternatives.

Hans Bromwich paints an accurate picture of the political system which we, the electorate, have allowed to exploit national and local government. He has also provided the solution. Instead of voting in the way we have done traditionally, examine the issues, question the motives of the candidates and their party leaders, look at the record of those who seek re-election and above all, vote for someone or… Read more »