Letter: Are we awaiting an alien invasion?

OnTheWight reader Ron Chonner raises the subject of UFOs after the Ministry of Defence department that investigated UFO sightings has been closed after almost 60 years.


We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with readers. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch. This letter from Ron Chonner from Lake. Ed

I am writing with reference to the latest sighting of Unidentified Flying Objects shown in the news a few days ago.

We have, over many years now been subject to similar events, including reported encounters with alien beings, abductions into spacecraft etc – many by people of proven sense and responsibility.

Tend to ignore them
I can recall clearly that when these stories first began to circulate we were all rightly alarmed. But as they steadily mounted up, we have become so used to them we now largely ignore them.

Because, I suggest, it is human nature to dismiss anything that makes us uncomfortable rather than confront our fears.

Ministry of Defence UFO project
And now the government department responsible for recording and checking out these strange events has been disbanded on the grounds that there is no apparent threat to us.

Not, you note, because such alien events or beings do not exist.

Alien invasion
It is my suggestion that not only do such events and beings exist – whoever they be, or from wherever they come – but that they will shortly be arriving openly among us.

And that the constant stream of unexplained sightings over the years has been a sort of build-up, a rehearsal if you like, carefully orchestrated so that when the inevitable happens we will not panic but instead merely accept it.

Image: Pascal Maramis under CC BY 2.0

Sunday, 23rd June, 2013 1:44pm


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  1. Dan Lawrence

    23.Jun.2013 1:56pm

    The Canadian defence minister agrees with you:


  2. No doubt Icke will claim that the decision to close was taken by the Lizards who run Whitehall. :-))

  3. Robert Jones

    23.Jun.2013 3:45pm

    The no threat bit arises because the department referred to was within the Ministry of Defence; and so far as they’re concerned, no threat means – non-existence.

    However, the reader’s letter contains the germ of an idea for a film-script, and if I were him I’d flog it to Hollywood – while there’s still time…….

  4. In the 50s our RAF radars picked up several unexplained “blips” that were flying far higher (100,000ft+) and far faster (mach3+) than contemporary aircraft and then disappearing. Hi-speed fighters sent up to investigate (remember the Cold War was still at its height then)would confirm if they were rogue weather balloons or not.

    Most were but many were not.

    Another boffinesque explanation was that the radar beam was bouncing off the ionosphere, picking up blips over the horizon and the angle caused the blip to appear higher and faster than it really was.

    Not many people who witnessed the phenomena (like me) really believed them

  5. kevin Barclay-Jay

    23.Jun.2013 7:02pm

    I’ve yet to hear of any government or government dept anywhere capable of such a cover up and the obvious reason why it has been dropped is that it doesn’t exist

    I await being proved wrong, but can see no reason whatsoever that any Aliens would want to/need to visit earth

  6. Mark L Francis

    24.Jun.2013 9:10am

    And that is why people called Zeke & live in Kentucky (who appear to have a greater than average tendency to be abducted by aliens anyway) have to keep assault rifles at home.
    Either that or defence against zombies.

  7. Richardsmith01

    24.Jun.2013 3:03pm

    Folks, the MOD desk was manned by one Nick Pope – who wrote ‘ The Uninvited’, published in 1997. This covered the abduction phenomenon.make your own mind up as to his position. As Ron says,the desk close down doesn’t say yea or nay to the existence of Extra terrestrial intelligence. Pope however, seems convinced. I’d advise any researcher not to spend too much time on the MOD’s answers, which tend towards the patronising.
    That aside, there is conclusive evidence that there are ‘outsiders’ amongst us. I would ask you to look at Youtube, Project Camelot. There you will find listed ( if you ask) interviews with Bob Dean, Charles J. Hall ( whose Millenial Hospitality Quadrilogy is very convincing) Clifford Stone – amongst many whose evidence is compelling. The UFO phenomenon is sadly riddled with nonsense, it is frustrating to have to trawl through immense amounts of nonsense to get anywhere near what is actually happening. Conferences on the subject tend to be merchandising bonanzas, and are usually best avoided for that very reason. Anyone seriously interested in this is invited to comment – and as for the Media not telling us, be aware the world media is controlled by very few people. It is not in their interests to disclose this information. On the subject of disclosure, look for Dr Steven Greer on the tube, and his disclosure programme, it will repay your time. Suffice to say in conclusion that this subject is advanced; the suppression of technology by the MIC is a travesty of human rights and we let it happen. Why? As always, be very discerning when looking at published data on this.

    • Google pilots such as Major Milton Torres (USAF) and Group Captain Gordon Burgess (CBE) for their eye-witness accounts.

      • Dear Mr. Chonner,

        Government has a very important message for you:

        “Aliens do not exist, and we have an evidence to prove it !”

        P.S. Steven Greer is a useful idiot.

        Happy grazing, Sheeple, umh, I mean People !

        Ta, ta !

        • Has school finished already?

        • Richardsmith01

          26.Jun.2013 3:43pm

          Shame we seem to be unable to elevate the debate to a more useful level. To say Greer is a useful idiot seems to me to be an oxymoronic statement. How so, do tell? I have met him, I don’t doubt his sincerity, his contacts and his disclosure efforts, with which I assume you are familiar.He and I would both love to know what your ‘evidence’ is that Aliens do not exist. You appear to be in possession of vital facts on this subject, so don’t be afraid to let us all know what data you possess to make comments such as these. I’m always prepared to learn from a higher and better informed source.

  8. mittromneylovesiow

    26.Jun.2013 8:07am

    Several work acquaintances over the years were most definitely from another planet.

    We assume they are shaped as in the numerous films and articles produced but how do we know what they look like? How do we know they’re not invisible or microscopic? Why would they want to visit earth anyway? Perhaps we’ve advertised our blue flag beaches.

  9. I have met some people who might be aliens on the Isle of Wight,but I am assured that they are locally bred!

  10. Still,verified UFO sightings from Pilots and radar operators cannot be ignored. There are things and possible beings out there, which we still do not fully understand and of which the authorities do not want us to know. They do know more for sure,especially the military and maybe a few Presidents and Prime Ministers.

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