Letter: Comparing state-owned US ferries to privately-owned Isle of Wight ones

This reader has just spent several weeks touring North and South Carolina and Georgia and shares their experience of ferry crossings on state owned ferries. You might be surprised by what they found.

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This from OnTheWight reader, Paul Carter. Ed

My wife and I have just returned from several weeks touring North and South Carolina and Georgia.

Part of our trip involved visiting the Outer Banks and then crossing several islands from Cape Hatteras to rejoin the mainland at Cedar Island.

State-owned ferries
This required two car ferry journeys on vessels operated by the North Carolina state transport authority (by the way, North Carolina is not a hotbed of socialism!).

The first crossing was an hour. That was free.

The second was two and a half hours. That was £12.65.

Rudimentary passenger facilities compared to Isle of Wight ferries, but then I wasn’t being asked for £1.70 for a paper cup with a tea bag and water.

Utilities provided
By the way, although the US is the land of free enterprise, they still supply gas power and water through local utilities.

They cannot comprehend why we go through the charade of competition for these services simply to line the pockets of foreign companies.

Image: NCDOTcommunications under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 23rd November, 2018 4:14pm


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Thank you for sharing your experience. Sadly nothing will change while our MP doesn’t believe in or push for a nationalised service and while the council remains in power.


This has everything to do with central government and nothing to do with local government.


Ill informed political bias strikes again.


Whose political bias? I find it interesting that NC sees a ferry service as an extension of its obligation to provide roads throughout its territory. I think you could develop a similar case for the island. As far as nationalising them is concerned, that bird has flown. Perhaps it could be regulated- so ferry companies would need to get regulatory approval for price rises.


National government manages privatisation/nationalisation of industry.

National government has rinsed money out of local government budgets since 2008, meaning local government cannot think, or do anything above the bare minimum.

The IWC is Tory, the national government is Tory.

There’s no political bias in play here, it’s just the way it is, with governmental belief in capitalist-run infrastructure and ‘markets’ everywhere.

Your pointless comment is pointless.


A letter to Bob Seeley would seem to be in order, but in my experience he doesn’t reply if it doesn’t suit him.