Letter: The UK Government should helping keep tourism money in UK, not building air bridges elsewhere

This reader believes the Government should be focused on progressively unlocking the UK domestic tourism industry, rather than resuming foreign holidays

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This from Clive Boorman. Ed

On the radio this morning (Saturday) the Today programme – these programme titles can be confusing sometimes – ran an item about resuming foreign holidays by building an air bridge with Portugal.

I know that there are those who wish to keep all visitors away from our Island, but tourism is its lifeblood so surely, before the Government even considers foreign holidays, it should first be looking at and progressively unlocking our domestic tourism industry, perhaps starting with self catering facilities where families or other small groups are more contained.

An awful lot has been written recently of the colossal national debt created by Covid-19 so it would only seem logical to try and keep all that ‘holiday money’ in the UK rather  than encouraging it to go abroad.

Perhaps something for our Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, to raise?

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Saturday, 20th June, 2020 10:13am


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There’s been a whirlwind of activity among holiday home owners in the past couple of weeks in my neighbourhood. And a few holidaymakers have already stayed a week. I suppose this is the least risky kind of holiday accommodation, if it is deep cleaned after every stay. Until now, there has been little for them to do but go to the beach, on cycle rides, or for… Read more »

With the UK being #5 on the list of number of infections, and #3 on the list of most deaths, the question maybe should be – what country would want to have an air bridge with the UK?
With that in mind then promoting tourism within the UK seems to be the way to go for the next 12 to 18 months at least.

Rhos yr Alarch

Interesting – the Today feature also mentioned that the biggest recent local outbreak in Portugal had been in the Algarve, the very region potential tourists would be most likely to visit. Could it be that the very countries eager to build an air-bridge with the UK would be the ones where COVID-19 is least under control?


The recent outbreak on the Algarve was caused by an illegal birthday party in Odiaxere, near Lagos. It was attended by 100 people, some from Lisbon which is a C19 hotspot, and has resulted in 60 new infections. Up to now, the Algarve has had very few cases.


Clive – yes I would agree with you 100% – there have already been business admitting they are struggling on the island – there was a case in here this week. However, over the last 3 months there have been some very negative comments about tourists on here and other websites – hope this hasn’t caused too much long term damage !


I fear this may be a problem not only for the Island but the Far West as well, at least I haven’t seen any comments from the Island about meeting tourists with pitchforks!
It is a difficult balance though because people in holiday locations want to be reasonably confident that they are not being exposed to higher risk form people coming in to the area.

If successive Governments hadn’t squandered hundreds of billions of pounds over the years on useless things like the Millennium Dome, the Olympics, aircraft carriers, International Aid, EU contributions (plus WHO etc), NHS IT programme, ID cards and other assorted failed IT projects, plus gawd only knows how much on useless bureaucracy (especially in climate related non jobs) the UK could have ridden the Covid storm out quite… Read more »
Jenny Smart

Anyone who thinks the UK is ready to lift the lockdown is living in a fools paradise.

There are still over 100 COVID deaths every day, any ‘responsible’ country with that number of fatalities would be going into lockdown, not coming out of it.

Watch out for the second wave explosion coming in about a fortnights time!

Unfortunately we cannot be in lockdown forever. It cannot be afforded economically, children are missing/have missed already too much schooling and generally it is not good for people’s mental health to be confined for long periods. Like all statistics, that 100+ deaths a day needs to be detailed to be understood. That is to say, what are the underlying conditions of those who have died, age, obesity,… Read more »
We are all intelligent enough to know in our heart of hearts where the government stands on various issues, and what it’s true moral position is on various issues, despite all its rhetoric and spin. Do Conservatives really care tor the vulnerable, the elderly, the BAME community, etc? All are expendable, the only thing that’s really important is making money, making as much as possible, and squirrelling… Read more »
I listen very carefully to what our Conservative leaders say……..and then believe the opposite. So when half a sausage says it’s important we all follow the government’s guidance on the lockdown, I knew it didn’t apply to him, nor his fellow Tory chums. When Boris says, ‘we’re levelling up’, I know we are heading for Rees Mogg’s dream of the Victorian workhouse. When Bob comes out in… Read more »
Angela Hewitt

Tony and Susan, I couldn’t have said it any better. I agree, agree, agree