Letter: How are the super rich utility companies going to help during Coronavirus outbreak?

This reader asks what help will be given by the ‘super rich’ utility companies to the families who are already in dire straits

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Tony Griffiths from St. Helens shares this. Ed

In light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19/C19) outbreak I wonder what everyone’s thoughts are at the moment with regard to the electric and gas companies that have taken our hard earned monies over the years, with in my view extortionately high prices, and how the whole world is in severe need. What help will they be offering to those poor families who are already in dire straits?

Risk of loss of jobs, hours, pay etc etc etc , not once have we heard from these super rich companies to see what help they are looking to give, or indeed what the government plan on, or how they are going to tackle them. One thing they have done is hike prices up in times of need.

Hmm watch this space I think.

Also the effect on recruitment agencies that supply drivers etc, cannot go and get business as per the advice due to social distancing etc.

Everybody’s thoughts?

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Saturday, 21st March, 2020 10:25am


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8 Comments on "Letter: How are the super rich utility companies going to help during Coronavirus outbreak?"

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Rea Sheldrake
I would also include water companies in this question. Most of us on the island are on water meters and therefore have to think about every drop of water we use. Water bills are already too high for many, and with the advice to “wash your hands more often and for 20 seconds minimum per time, how much extra will that be put onto our bills? Also,… Read more »

With oil at $27 per barrel (it was $60 in feb) you’d hope the ferry companies and buses would pass on this massive fuel saving.

From the BBC website … “”Gas and electricity suppliers have agreed an emergency package of measures to ensure vulnerable people do not get cut off amid a virus outbreak. More than four million people who are on prepayment meters will receive help if they cannot get out to top up. This may include credit being sent in the post or funds automatically added to their meter. Those… Read more »
Angela Hewitt
I am glad someone has raised this issue. Pre-paid meters are forced upon those on low incomes. The unemployed, the under paid and the elderly. Simply because they have difficulty paying the utility companies outlandish prices. The BIG “SHAME” on these companies is that they charge these poor people a higher tariff than if they were getting a quarterly or monthly bill. Don’t forget that these companies… Read more »

Add BT
After your initial term ends they just go on increasing.
We are paying £70 a month for phone and broadband which is offered for £23 a month for up to two years elsewhere. (Yes, of course we will change supplier).
Scandalous to treat long standing customers like this.

Many of the utility companies are not super rich – why else would so many startups fold? With so many businesses shutting down, income for the utilities will inevitably fall over the next few months. The government is guaranteeing 80% income for employees, who now won’t be eating out, going to the cinema or on holiday so why do they need a reduction in utility costs. We… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch

Perhaps the reason some customers don’t pay their bills is because they cannot? We know bills are higher as a proportion is allocated to marketting so that more people will switch to that particular company. I can also tell you that response times for phone calls to the pre-payment staff are substantially longer than the general phone line – so work out a lot more expensive too…

stop moaning, prepayment meters are installed for those who don’t pay their bills ect. If your gas water electric goes off these guys will be out there no matter what the weather/time ect or in this case the virus. They are basically now working in the front line of coronavirus when most are away staying safe. Regardless of the money the companies charged i think ground crew… Read more »