Letter: Isle of Wight council rejected decades of experience offered

Neil says he’s offered his decades of expertise to Isle of Wight council for free – They rejected it. How many other people have experienced the same?


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This from OnTheWight reader, Neil Blues. Ed

It’s unbelievable that the Isle of Wight council and its associated politicians haven’t learnt anything in the past 33 years or so that I’ve been resident on the Island.

They need to look back at their horrendous history of non-service (major failures) to the residents and businesses here.

Some of (in my view) IWC failures
The decision in the 1980s not to purchase the part of Sealink (now Wightlink) that served the Island. They could have purchased it for £12 Million, that’s £37 Million in today’s money. Now we see the current owners of Wightlink have placed it on the market and are seeking £300 Million for it.

No cost audit offer rejected
As a retired engineer and Quality Assurance Manager, I offered to carry out a no cost audit of the IWC procurement process as I sincerely believe that significant cost savings can be made for the benefit of the citizens of the Island. The response I received was, “It would not be appropriate”.

It begs the question, why doesn’t the IWC take advantage of the skills and knowledge that many of us learnt the hard way in the private sector?

Open Challenge: Engage with Isle of Wight citizens
So here is an open challenge to the IWC and its politicians, forget your party dogma and engage with the citizens of the Isle of Wight, make use of the skills and knowledge that are available.

Image: uselessid under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 20th September, 2018 6:59pm


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Couldn’t agree more with Neil Blues. Several of his examples of IWC failures (particularly Undercliff Drive and Cowes Floating Bridge) demonstrate utter incompetence. Can’t put it any other way. Heads would have rolled immediately in the private sector yet no accountability on the IWC. I’m a retired Chartered Engineer.


I would hazard a guess that it’s one of two reasons as to why they dont want your help Neil.

A. They truly believe that they are the only ones who know what is required

B. You would just expose more of their complete incompetence. ( but then A above would apply and they could just carry on regardless).


Exactly. Anyone out of their direct control would reveal the true extent of the incompetence. If they’re not paying someone, they can’t influence the outcome. The truth is scary when you’re happy with confirmation bias.

The track record of the IWC is appalling with so many projects poorly thought through with little regard for the outcomes and unintended consequences. Scant attention is paid to objectors which inevitably leads to shoddy decisions. The current St. Mary’s road proposals are a prime example of this. The IWC exhibits the classic symptoms of denial and incompetance and it is the electorate that always suffer. They… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Is he the brother to Jake & Elwood?


No but I enjoy Jazz!


I too am an expert and will offer my services for free. Sorry I mean self publicist.
Oh and the IWC do take advantage of expertise and consultants, who by the way do not have to make decisions.

What self publicist? Many people of genuine expertise have offered help pro bono time and time again. We don’t know whether it is contempt, ignorance, ego, or a host of other debilitating conditions that the officers may possess, but they are wrong not to take up good help where they can get it. So many of them are in jobs for which they are not qualified. Horrific… Read more »

Sculler, I am a taxpayer who is very concerned about the waste of OUR money by the Isle of Wight Council. Do you pay taxes?


…..and how much do all these consultants charge us ?